So first off I want to share with you that our personal team has helped make over nine team leaders
and each with their six. We have over 100 paying members on our team
and so we can help you to succeed too.
However, I do it differently then most team leaders do it. I base all my work on getting your six on how hard
you work through our Sixteen Steps training and eventually also on your commitment to getting 1000 hits a week.
I have helped some leaders to get their six in one month but this is not always possible – one because most people
don’t work hard enough to warrant my help in that short amount of time and two,
it all depends on how many people I’m helping and how many sign up each week
we get –  If you understand me. However, no matter what I will help you succeed
if you do the weekly work and the training.

I hope this helps answer your question?
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Elizabeta Kuzevska
Albie Derbyshire


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