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The Power Lead System

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All three of these programs we have worked successfully and are essentially affiliate programs that will help you make money online. You can do that with the promotion of the program itself along with several micro funnels that are both built into the systems as well as you can add customized content in the back office with clickable links for additional branding and commission opportunities.

With these programs, you can develop your own business and the freedom to work on your terms.

This is an opportunity to build a flexible business on your terms. You will work for yourselves, but you will never be alone.

We created basic and advanced training training where everything is covered.

Also we put a lot of useful things in the members area

Whether you’re in the Power Lead System, The Prosperity Marketing System,  GDI Team Elite or all, we work personally with all members and help them to succeed.

For the Power Lead System Basic Training, simply click on the blue button below: 

For the GDI Team Elite Sixteen Steps Training, simply click on the blue button below

and use Password: AE67

For the Prosperity Marketing System Basic Training, simply keep reading below: 

The Prosperity Marketing System is a well structured, funded proposal system that has a price point that I feel is priced very low for what you get.

Yes, you can earn money with The Prosperity Marketing System itself with its affiliate program and pass up a structured compensation plan structure.

The system also works in a way that it has these micro funnels that lead your members into other affiliate programs that you can earn additional income with as well.

It’s a great concept and has many positive points for people when a person is just getting started with Internet Marketing.

Here are some of the significant positive aspects with this system that you will get

It’s Only $12 per Month!
It Has A 2-Up Affiliate Compensation Program
Personal Branding With Pictures Bio, with Links To Your Social Profiles
You Can Add Your Primary Company Or Use Your Uplines
You can create your landing pages
Training on how to work on socials and with viral mailers
Instruction on how to build your list, follow up emails, email swipes
Instruction on How to communicate with your downlines
Ebook How to dominate and master all traffic sources

I feel that these are some great options that this program offers, especially for the price point that sells for.

The marketing system is straightforward to use, get started, and, most importantly, newbie-friendly.

You can get all of this if you join under our link. The system use cookies.

Then it is a problem of cookies. Use a different email and browser (such as Chrome,
Firefox or Internet Explorer) to join again with another email address.
If you are interested join the program and start earning with our help
When you will start your free 7 days trial just

Get your Special link from us!
We will make you the very same funnel that we use to get sales and build our team.

Give us  your PMS affiliate link and your picture 
These are both vital to brand yourself and make sales online. Then just email it to us here:


Basic Training Five: A Success Story

 Welcome to Albie & Elizabeta’s 

A Success Story




Welcome from Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska

A Little Success Story
(A practical story to help you learn)


Have you ever heard: if you want to have success,
follow someone who’s had some? Here’s a recent story for you to encourage you!

Alex’s Success Story:

“With that, I want to wish a big congratulations to our newest member Gary Furguson, to also to Alex Kay for all her hard work advertising and setting the groundwork for Gary to join us.
Also to ALL of you who are reading and who want to create
some success online also. 

Here’s why:  

Alex worked hard to get a new member in the Prosperity Marketing System today.

This is the documentation of how she did it,
so you can follow her same example: 

She, first of all, she hit close to a thousand hits (996) to her web pageswe made her (which is always what we advise our team to go after).

You can see her hits on these two next pics:

pic one: 

pic two: 

She then got 18 subscribers from these 996 hits. This turned into two tour takers and one student.

Here’s a pic of her subscribers. Congrats Alex for building your list!

Each subscriber she got, we let her know which page had converted into a subscriber and encouraged her to email them back.

She did this. We also wrote to them too, to help her.

These emails turned into a personal response by Gary and after a few emails back and forth turned into him wanting to join us!

Thank you Gary for your trust. 🙂

You can see the 18 people who saw Alex’s welcome “sales” page: 

The sales page was not effective in this case (and often sales pages only have a small chance of success). 

But what is effective is “know, like and trust” and this is created by
building an email list and building relationships with people. 

I want to encourage you that the same thing can happen to you!

Give yourself the same focus and time to build your business and to
reach out to your new subscribers.

Even understand that Alex’s time is very limited and she worked hard
in her spare time to make this happen.

And you can do the same.

Realize that luck has a part to play in this too, but like I always say,
you can tip luck in your favor by your hard work. 🙂


Have Questions?
Connect with us at

We’re here to help you!

Elizabeta Kuzevska
Albie Derbyshire


cell: 626-379-5692

Advanced Training : The Five Critical Skills

Welcome to Albie & Elizabeta’s 

 The Five Critical Skills




Welcome from Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska

Program Details:

Welcome to Advanced Training!


you will be learning the Five Critical Skills. You can see the basics of them here.
Scroll down to the link at the bottom of the page to begin them. 

1)Effective Advertising and Tracking your links.

We discussed most of this in Basic Training, however we will go into advanced tracking here.

2)Building your own splash pages.

Just using “generic” made for you pages is not good enough.
This does not help you brand yourself or allow people to get to know you personally.
One key to internet marketing is “know like and trust” If they don’t get to know you they won’t get to like you or trust you and they won’t buy from you. So that’s the beginning of how consistent sales is made online. 

3)Building your own list.

You’ve heard this a bunch of times I’m sure.And it’s true.
Your capture pages have to be good enough to get enough subscribers each week
to build your list.

4)Connecting with your list.
This is the most vital part of the equation. I call it
the “electric connection” that has to take place between you and your subscribers and your potential clients. It also involves personal developement. You attract to you people similar to you. So in order to attract better and sharper clients, you must become better. 

5)Building your own funnel pages. 
A funnel page is kind of like a Walmart:
you go to Walmart to get a birthday card and walk out with a tv (lol).
So you have to learn the skill of building an online funnel that works
similar to this example. PMS IS an effective online funnel!


Have you been trying to market all alone,
guessing your way through everything?


We’re Opening The WHOLE VAULT


for You, PLUS:

Giving You Our 1:1 Personal Support
to begin mastering The 5 KEYS to Success and work online
with confidence.  This Will Give You Real Leverage.
And that’s an Understatement.

Here’s the 1:1 Help
You’ve Been Looking For!


Okay, Take a Big Breath and

Prepare To Get Blown  Away

By EVERYTHING We’re Going To




We’re looking forward to getting to work with you!


Continue to Learn On Your Own With The

Training Points: 



Skill #1: Effective Advertising

Basic Steps 4-10 are below in this page
Advanced Steps 11-20 Click here
Skill #2: Effective Capture Page Making
21-30 Click here
Skill #3: Effective List Building
31-37 Click here
Skill #4: Effective Communication with List
38-40 Click here
Skill #5: Effective Funnel Page Building
41 Click here


Thank You!

~Albie Derbyshire
& Elizabeta Kuzevska

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Advanced Training: Skill One part II – How To set The Tracking Campaign With ClixTrac

 Welcome to Albie & Elizabeta’s 

Advanced Tracking



I have the habit of reading something new online every day. Today, my choice was Just Tracking Your Metrics Isn’t Enough By Michael Kwan
I agree with the author that tracking is the most important thing for an online business. You have to track everything to see what is working and what is not working. The problem is that you have to learn how to set up your tracking right.

The next part of the article is very important.

Peter Drucker, the famous management guru, said “measuring your stats is good. But you’ve also got to manage them. Keeping tabs on all those numbers isn’t good enough. You need to learn from what those numbers are trying to tell you. Knowing them you can make better decisions now and into the future.”
I spent months learning how to set up and manage my tracking. How to analyze tracking? Which tracker to use? Where to put my attention on track? How to set up tracking codes in my tracker? Where to set the tracking codes on my lead capture and thank you pages? Which time periods to track? When do we need to analyze if something is not working and how? These kinds of questions are not explained in any course or book.
The fundamentals I learned are:
You must use a good tracking program that shows you the right analytics. I use ClixTrac.

It has excellent support and unlimited campaign with unlimited Split-Testing Links and unlimited rotators with a professional account.

You can see it’s  features and pricing here

When you will join it  will be redirected to the Home Page

As you can see I have 112 tracking links and 32 campaigns with Split-Testing Links

I use campaigns with  Split-Testing Links everywhere. When you have an ongoing campaign and want to change a link or to add the new link immediately you will only need to make changes in the Landing Page Split-Testing Link

Now you can understand why I need unlimited campaigns with Split-Testing Links.

I can change all my promotions from one place with editing or adding new Split-Testing Links

I use the Split-Testing campaign’s link even I have only one squeeze page. When I want to add new or change it I make changes only in the Split-Testing Links within the campaign.

I will show what I mean in this article Let us start from the beginning and set the Split-Testing Link.

When you will click on the Create Tracker you will get this screen


Go to New Campaigns Details and put the name and description for your own reference and click on the next step

You will get this screen. Go to the Create the basic URL


Enter the name of the link for your reference ( I put test1 for the first link) and the link you want to track and click on the Save Tracking URL settings.


You will get your tracking link and your tracking code.


If you don’t use Split-Testing Links you can promote this traffic link only and see the results. You can put the tracking code on the thank you page and see the conversion.

If you want to use Split-Testing Link go to =>  GET CODE.  In this case, you will have to choose the campaign and you will get Landing Page Split-Testing Link. Use this link in your promotions. The link is https://. Mailers and safelists mostly  uses Http:// so remove S if you promote in them


Why I recommend you to use Landing Page Split-Testing Link

We all use different sources of traffic. We promote in a lot of safelists, TE’s Viral mailers, Socials, email campaigns

When you will use Landing Page Split-Testing Link if you want to change something you can edit everything only in the campaign

If you want to change the link you will go to the home page and find the campaign.  When you will click on edit you can change the link or the campaign’s description. if you promote only this tracking link the new link will be immediately shown in all your traffic sources. ( where you put this tracking link) You don’t need to go to every place where you promoted your affiliate offer ar squeeze page.  See how easily you can edit every campaign!


If you want to add the new squeeze page or a new link to the existing campaign  you will go to Create Tracking/Existing Campaigns/your campaign where you want to add the link/next step


You will add the next link in my case test2. When I will add the second link I will have 2 tracker links in my campaign (test1 and test 2)

When you will do this your Landing Page Split-Testing Link will act as the rotator and both links will be shown in all places where you put Landing Page Split-Testing Link previously.

Now everything is set and you can get detailed statistics from ClixTrac. You can see your results in stats many

If you want to have results and know where to promote join ClixTrac and set your campaigns today!



Have you been trying to market all alone,
guessing your way through everything?


We’re Opening The WHOLE VAULT


for You, PLUS:

Giving You Our 1:1 Personal Support
to begin mastering The 5 KEYS to Success and work online
with confidence.  This Will Give You Real Leverage.
And that’s an Understatement.

Here’s the 1:1 Help
You’ve Been Looking For!


Okay, Take a Big Breath and

Prepare To Get Blown  Away

By EVERYTHING We’re Going To




We’re looking forward to getting to work with you!

Thank You!

~Albie Derbyshire
& Elizabeta Kuzevska

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