I sent out a group email to my 22 tour takers in PMS.
Sent it out about 2 hours ago. Still nothing in my inbox or spam.

Don’t know what’s up with that.

So with only twenty two tour takers or subscribers you’re going to only get a 1% response rate from them. 100 subscribers will only give you maybe one response. We have thousands on our mailing list and get responses every day. But it takes time to grow your list.
If you have 1 million subscribers for instance with 1% response rate equals 10,000 replies and if you sell a $50 product then that would mean that you would make anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 just from one email to your email list. So you can see how many become millionaires. However, there’s some issues to be overcome with this. Effective communication is all part of this too (5 Critical Skills #4).

So if your email is not engaging then you may not get anything. This was my problem for many years until I learned how to write an email properly that gets responses. There are some messages inside the PMS Training area, you can use to send to your list. These will help you understand the basics of how it works. Coaching and Mentoring is also useful too as that’s how I learned:

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