Hi! So great to hear from you my friend. ???

So you’re anti virus protection is probably on too strong. It’s not only blocking viruses but also many regular http sites also simply because they are http and not https. Having a site with https DOES give some measure of security but honestly, ANY site can be infected. So having common sense of what sites you visit is still the best method.

I had similar problems too and Dave Mosher encouraged me to use “AVG antivirus. It’s completely free. You can also set your antivirus “off” for a period of time and just have AVG on during that time. Then just go on safelists that are on our list during that time. This is just my suggestion. I’m not a computer expert and I don’t know it all. These things I’m sharing with you are just what I’ve experienced. 


Also phishing means that someone sent you an email with a fake website name to try and get you to go to their infected site (such as bankofarnerica.com _ if you notice this site has a “arn (ARN)” instead of “am” which appears to be almost the same as america. It’s a way to deceive people by changing a couple letters that when written together seem to be correctly spelled but isn’t. So a site can’t be infected by phishing. Phishing is a TRICK to get people to visit their infected site but not a virus in itself. So never click a link in an email if you don’t know the person or company. Also make sure your email is really valid.
I hope this helps! 🙂

Talk soon!