Hey ?
So thanks for letting me know. There are quite a few autoresponders out there. My opinion is that Aweber and PLS are the best. But their are TrafficWave, MVC and AIOP too. All these I would be able to help you with in some way.
Which one are you interested in the most?
While we’re talking about autoresponders, I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you what we use for our team.
The Power Lead System (PLS) is really great. My seven figure mentor showed it to me and we set it up just like he did for our team. We help each member set up their autoresponder with a share code with the appropriate messages that have been proven by our team to work.
PLS gives unlimited subscribers, the professional option of single opt in like Aweber, unlimited web / splash pages (that’s how we grow a huge team by helping make splash pages for our members like Jeff Aman), and you can set it to have a much better delivery rate then TrafficWave, AIOP or BABO. It has the best tools of all of them. For example,  we use the tracking system to track all our teams hits. I use PLS, literally every day for all my businesses. It costs about the same price as Aweber (when you get over 500 subscribers in Aweber, its around $30) but you never have to worry about a price jump.
On top of this it has awesome online/offline training and you can earn huge monthly residuals and one time payments from $100, $500 and $1000 with it (In order to do this however you have to have the gold membership for $53). Not everyone can afford it but it’s price is actually reasonable for those in the US, Uk, Australia and Canada. It’s our main income builder inside of PMS and it’s obvious why LOL. It also comes with a seven day trial for free. Let me know if you’re interested to see more about it.
I use these autoresponders and could help you with any of these:
Power Lead System
In my opinion, Aweber and the Power Lead System are the best autoresponders. Aweber is the top of the line. It costs $18 mo. It used to be that after 500 subscribers price goes up but now I believe it’s free until after 500 subscribers. It has a good splash page maker and opt in page maker too. You get one month trial for free.
 The Power Lead System (PLS) is more expensive for $30 but it gives unlimited subscribers, unlimited web pages for building splash pages better delivery rates then TrafficWave, AIOP or BABO and has the best tools of all of them and I use it literally every day. You get a seven day trial for free:
TrafficWave is $17 and has unlimited subscribers. it’s deliverability rate for its autoresponder is ok but not as good as Aweber or PLS. This is what I used to begin building my GDI team and I succeeded using it. But it has limitations. It also has a great tracker that I still use for my team. You get one free month to try it out:
AIOP is only $10 and has a lot of tools but it’s deliverability rate for its autoresponder is not as good again as Aweber or PLS. For the price it is great and the tools are good too.
Buildabizonline (BABO) has the most tools for the lowest price ($10) and I use it every day too. I like it for its user friendly platform, it’s ability to track exactly where people are clicking from, its rotators and it also has a blog and autoresponder too (however its autoresponder is the more difficult of the lot to set up and add campaigns etc). I believe it also has unlimited subscribers too.
Does this help?
About BuildabizOnline (BABO) Autoresponder:
Hey you guys. So you can still make a few capture pages with BABO. If you make a couple pages let me know and I will make a basic opt in page to connect them too. You can then track them and let me know your hits each week. ??

 However, you are almost team leaders and I’m really proud of you both as you have been really working and helping your team. So you will need to begin with a strategy for making capture pages. I make a new one every week or two in order to keep things interesting – and especially if my weekly subscribers begin to decrease. BABO also lets you connect them to an autoresponder but it’s a LOT of work. I do have each of the email letters to go in the autoresponder but they have to be manually put in their one at a time and each autoresponder can only be connected with one capture page. So I encourage making this one page a basic opt in page that works with many pages and that you can link to multiple splash pages (if you catch my drift).
As a team leader having a good autoresponder is your key asset. What most people don’t realize is that their LIST is the most important thing. Everyone wants money quick and don’t realize that their income is based on how big their list is. I encourage using Aweber  or PLS to be honest, because of a bunch of reasons (single opt in, best performance and delivery rates and best ability to monitor how well your succeeding.) PLS has a good autoresponder too and is single opt in too if you set it that way. I have learned the most about deliverability rate from PLS (but never had to even worry about it with Aweber LOL because they did such a great job). I don’t know or believe if it is possible with TrafficWave, AIOP or BABO (but there’s a slight chance I may be wrong but I don’t think so as I’ve worked with all of them).These other autoresponders I just mentioned (and I’m speaking of TrafficWave primarily) was able to help me succeed enough to get regular subscribers and a new member each week but it was very slow and I grew my list like a snail. On the positive side I didn’t have to worry about cleaning my list of crazy subscribers with stupid email addresses. But to be honest I prefer building a list the fast way then agonizingly slow haha.

Even though I love Buildabizonline for all its many features, using its autoresponder is in my opinion the most painful way possible to build a list. But it’s better then nothing and I would use it in a really tight spot.
The new GDI Team Elite website is unified with AIOP and is a great option for beginners. It also has 200 capture pages. However even though it’s highly duplicatable and easy to use it doesn’t allow you to build that personal connection, add your photo (unless you add a branding link from BABO to the set). Also it’s not the path I would encourage to use if someone has a choice. I encourage to use a good autoresponder and build your own pages with your own pictures so people get to know you. Whatever autoresponder you decide upon, I will help get you started and then make a new page for you as new leaders.
So there you go! ?
Lots of information for you haha. Let me know what you figure out. I will work with you and help you whatever you decide to do.