Which Autoresponder to set up my new Student with in PMS? 


Hey ?

So If you have a PMS student under you and you are in PLS also, you should just set his/her opt in pages to connect with your 35 message or 61 message autoresponder campaign.  You will see his/her subscribers from responses to his PLS splash or opt in pages with his name on them ie: tomseo.plscoachdave.com . When you see the page is named “tomseo…” then you will know the subscriber came from Tom’s SEO page.

Each of his/her subscribers will get the first 10 emails to respond back to you about joining (FWD him/her their referrals and what to respond to them). If they respond to him then help him/her know what scripts to send to help them sign up.
After the ten emails, they will be leads for you in GDI, FLS, LL & PLS unless your member is also in these programs too (in which case help him/her no how to sign his members up for these too).

Does that make sense?