So you can do your advertising completely for free but you realize that when you do it for free it takes a lot more time and work as you have to earn the credits to advertise. I have a team leader under me that does completely free advertising and he’s doing good. But he does spend a 2-4 hours a day earning credits in order to do his advertising each day. So if you have the time then that will work for you. If you buy advertising, it saves you a lot of time. I saved up a little each month and bought advertising packages to help me.

There is also a program called Referral Frenzy that can give you 1000 credits on each of 100 ad mailers each month. This ad site is the most effective for time saving and effectiveness and cost $15 a month. You can send to many mailers each day with only 3 or 4 clicks but it does take some time to set it all up at the beginning. Let me know if you’re interested in that and I’ll send you the link for it.

Does that help?

PS: Many people buy “clicks” but these most often don’t produce any real results.

PS: We have everything from free advertising to paid packages for you at AE Mailer if you would be interested: