So good to hear from you my friend. 🙂

So I checked your hits and they’re very low. Here is a pic. You will need to work through the Training so we can help you to learn marketing and how to get more hits and subscribers.

By the way please do NOT use this  (sample link):  link to advertise. As we had mentioned in the email we sent you with your links, this is your rotator link and ONLY use this one or the individual links ok ?

(sample link:)
All your splash pages are connected to this link and the (welcome8 page is not a splash page). That is a welcome page they come to AFTER subscribing. So it’s important not to use that one. It’s a sales page not a capture or splash page. Sales pages do not work until you have the persons attention and you have it after they subscribe. Nevertheless, sales pages still only have a low percentage of return. What works the best is after someone subscribes and gets an email from us and responds to us. Then we have the ability to build “know, like and trust” and help them join from there – just as you did (remember?). ?
Ok so here’s the training link: please go through this one page at a time and get back to me after each page so I can help mentor you through the process. ?
Our Basic Training in the Tab above will be more helpful and comprehensive but if you need a link, here it is for you:
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