There are many things that money can help a person to have in the online business like the ability to have more advertising without spending time clicking for credits, or an autoresponder that sends out messages to your list each day automatically (The Prosperity Marketing autoresponder you have to send out manual emails but it still allows you to connect with all of them).  The automatic emails it sends to your tour takers will also help a bit)..

I could keep going on about tracking tools and on and on etc…but we will help you in what what tools you lack.
The Prosperity Marketing System has all the basics that you need, and we can make up for what you lack. It has an email responder, a splash and capture page maker, a great funnel that will help you when your team gets bigger and all the guidance you need. So don’t worry and keep up the great work. I’m not sure what email you got that inspired the reply you sent to me but you can only do your best with what you have.