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By Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska
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Hi! This is Albie & Elizabeta. 

We want to help you learn how to share what you LOVE and EARN at the same time. 

I'm not sure what you love to do and what makes you happy but I know 
that it gives you great power when you learn how to express it properly
and earn from it. 

But first of all I want to share a little of my story with you.


For twenty years I had worked as a teacher. But in 2012, my school lost funding 
and all the teachers lost their jobs - including me.

I had earned three months paid
vacation and thought that perhaps I could succeed getting my own internet 
business off the ground 
in that time.


During this time I worked 10 - 12 hour days and

in my pursuit over the next five years spent literally thousands of dollars.

Still I was not able to succeed at this and after having used 
up all my savings, I had to go get another job and work online towards
my dream in my spare time

This is a picture of me working delivering packages for four years after being
an elementary teacher for twenty years.

Between 2012 to 2018 I joined over forty different business opportunities in my 
off hours, 
trying to earn and find success online. 

Each time I joined a new program,
I thought I had figured it out and that I was about to "make it big!"

Unfortunately, a few months down the road, I realized it was just
another "rabbit hole" and disappointment became increasingly more
hard to stand each time this happened (and it happened a lot).

Not only this but I put a lot of effort into each opportunity and
worked hard to learn as much as I could and get everything set up.
Usually I gave a program about three months but often more and occasionally less.
During these years "in the trenches", so to speak, I got so frustrated
and disheartened that I almost quit three times. 

Maybe you can relate to my story?

However, the dream to own my own business, call my own shots and to be able
to travel the world, take my family with me and earn from anywhere
kept me in the game
 - but just barely.

By the time 2018 rolled around,
I had learned a lot but still knew that my advertising was nowhere
near enough to get consistent sales and that there must be
gaping holes in my strategy.

It was at this time that I ran into a seven figure
mentor quite by accident (still in pursuit of success).

I had run across a lot of mentors but this time something was different.
Even though he earned a lot and only gave me tiny pockets of
time via Facebook Messenger, each interaction with him filled in
pieces of the puzzles for me.

Just to be honest with you,
it took me months to earn even these small pockets of time
I got from him. One time I remember having one of those "aha" moments.

In fact, it was that moment that I learned the third critical skill.
Of course, it wasn't in order but I knew I had turned a corner!


So it was learning these skills that helped me to understand how to earn and share
what I loved at the same time.
 Before we get started, let me share all of the
Five Critical Skills with you. The first skill is "Effective Advertising".

Now that you you have a feeling for what I'm talking about, let me sum up some 
key points about earning sharing what you love
. First of all it's all about 
being yourself. Being genuine and honest with yourself and others.

Why, you might ask?
Because if people don't feel like you're really passionate about what you share, 
then they will move on to something else. And passion is locked in being genuine
and honest.

So if you like internet games, then share this. Learn how to use the free 
service called "Canva" to create pictures to show your audience. 

If you like sewing, swimming, hiking, knitting, bycicling, running,
 soccer, tennis, cricket, baseball, football, or fill in the blank
(such as sailing like I do for example), then get good at taking pictures,
writing something about your experience and uploading it onto 
the medium you use to share it (such as a blog for instance). 

Don't worry about it "going viral". This is rare and takes time 
to get good enough and be at the right place and time 
for this. Create your own luck by getting good and  eventually opportunity
will find you. Allow yourself to be "bad at it"
before you're "good at it"!

Don't forget, that you don't have to be good at sharing what you 
love at first. It will take a year or so just before you begin to get good. 
And don't care so much about your audience at first. Just be consistent
and do it EVERY DAY for at least a year
. If you don't, you won't get 
good enough at it or be able to understand how to build your audience.

One of the biggest keys to earning with this, it to just give yourself 
enough time to get into a hard core routine and to get good at it. You 
will find your "voice" after enough time has gone by. Don't let 
money motivate you at first or you will quit
. Remember, your dream 
will take time and patience and will be worth the investment of time 
and money you give it - if you take time to plant it, grow it, nurture it
and then harvest it.
 That's just how life is! 

Second of all, earning from sharing what you love is all about sharing your true self 
but being able to relate to others and what they are looking for at the same time. 

So you might be asking, where can I share what I love with people?

Good question. My answer to this is that if you want to do it on the internet
then there are a lot of mediums you can use: 

Create a Blog.......... ............................................................

Writing Emails to your email list....... ................................
(After all this is skill #4)...........................

Create an online store and share what you love. . ... .........
in your store alongside your products.

Create funnels for your customers....... .. ......... ................
with more products, services and your own.........
personal touch about what you love....................

Use social media as a means to share what you love. . ....
alongside your website or affiliate website.

Other............. .. ................................................. ..............

The key to it all is encouraging people to get to "know, like and trust" you. If 
people don't get to know you, like you, then they definitely won't trust you and if they
don't trust you they won't buy anything from you. If on the other hand, you create trust, then
 they will buy from you. 
That makes
sense doesn't it?

Now it's time to get your additional BONUSES we promised you: 


So that's what brings us back to the 5 Critical Skills. These skills are the essentials in 
building that "know like and trust". 

Let me sum them up now, so you understand: 

Skill #1: Effective Advertising. This is so you can connect with people. You just 
have to connect with enough people to be able to earn enough. Needless to say, 
if you reach 10 for instance, you may only connect with one. It may be also
be one out of one hundred in certain cercumstances. Becoming effective has 
everything to do with understanding what your ratio's are. 

Skill #2: Effective Capture Pages. This is so you can create new interesting ads 
that people haven't seen before and create enough interest to encourage them to 
subscribe to your email list.
 This is so you can connect more with them in the future. 

Skill #3: Effective List Building. This is a combination of Skill #1 and #2 and having the goal
to create a big list - eventually into the thousands. 

Skill #4: Effective Communication with your list. This is the skill of being able to
communicate effectively with your list through your emails to create the "know, like and trust" 
so that people on your list will be encouraged to respond back to you through your emails.

Skill #5: Effective funnel building. After they hear from you and gain some measure of "know,
like and trust" and respond to you, you then have the chance to create that personal connection by
responding to them and creating more trust. Again, being honest is important here because 
people can feel if you aren't. There's a lot to learn about each of these skills but you can do it.
None of it is rocket science and there are ways to help give you "training wheels" so to speak.
As people trust you then you will get better and better at encouraging and showing them great 
reasons to join you. And they eventually will more and more as you gain experience.

Now it will be time to bring them through your funnel "ladder". As they go from one step to the 
next, you can offer them greater and greater value and earn more and more.

Here's a video to help you connect some of the dots together. In this 
instance I was using YouTube to share the correlations between 
sailing at sea and working online. Enjoy!

Now it's time to begin learning and
mastering the 
5 Critical Skills.

You now have two options. Your first option is 
to read the ebook "The 5 Critical Skills" below. The second is to join our team
for free through "Take the Challenge" and get the help and
you need to learn these skills.

If you want to read the 5 Critical Skills and learn more,
then click the link below:

Go here for the 5 Critical Skills eBook.


We look forward to working and helping you!

  Albie & Elizabeta





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