So I’m thinking that your message is fine but the only problem is it sounds like an autoresponder message.

You want it to sound more personal and short. My suggestion is to just stick to the script as
I’ve helped bring in over 100 members with it.

Also put your final greeting toward the end but the question at the very end.
When I write people I just keep it simple and say:
“Hi (name)! I just wanted to write you a little personal note and say hello. ?
Do you have any questions about  working online or traffic that I can answer for you? We work with a very successful team online. Do you have any questions I can answer for you or would you like to join our team?
~(your name) “
By the way, make sure there are NO links in the first email follow up you send them as links will most likely end up making the message go to spam.
Communication with your list is the fourth skill and it’s not as easy as it sounds haha.
I typically get one response out of five on average. That’s because a lot of people don’t check there emails
or put in an email they don’t use. Over the years I’ve tried a hundred different scripts…but this
one I sent you has worked.
My suggestion only…

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