Recently I got an excellent email from a PMS student.

I’m keeping their name anonymous, but hope you find it and the answer valuable too:

[Email to me:]

Hello Albie,

How are you,

Thanks for your mails.

I’m working with PMS for last three months. and able to enroll a few “Tour Takers ‘
I am looking for your guidance how to make them to upgrade to “Student level ”

Guide me.

2.If you permit me I want to use your mails {copy ,paste & edit } received from you.

Good Day,

[My reply:]

Hey, so good to hear from you. ?
I’m proud of you working so hard to get tour takers in PMS. Great job!
Ok, so there are a few things I need to share with you. So the formula to getting tour takers to upgrade to “students” effectively is found in the ability to duplicate EXACTLY how we brought you into PMS. This is how we get new students all the time. It took us ages to figure this formula out and we are willing to help coach or mentor you through the Online Marketing Acadamy. It costs $27 month for Coaching and $100 month for mentoring. It’s also month to month so you can stay or leave whenever you want. Believe me, it took me over five years to figure out the equation you asked me to share with you and is NOT easy to explain in any way.
Here’s more info about all of this:


Thanks for inquiring about the emails too. Unfortunately, the emails I wrote are copyrighted and can only be accessed for those joining our main program in the Power Lead System who get the share code from me. We actually upload 35 of these emails into your PLS autoresponder for you and set them up to your splash pages and if you become a leader we will give you access to 109 of these emails.
There is free information inside the PMS start video on how to basically get going writing emails. There are also free email copy inside PMS under “Training Courses” tab and then “Follow Up Emails” sub tab. Here is the new training page with the PMS video for you:

PMS Start Here Training Page

I’m going to post this answer in AEMailer.Club forum as it is an EXCELLENT question and shows you’re serious about really learning internet marketing. I love working with people like you because you mean business.
Will you let me know how else I can help you. Does this help you?

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