This is just my opinion:

Elizabeta has shared with me your concerns about http and https. Honestly I just believe it’s Googles moving forward and growing better that has brought this to the forefront. http used to be just fine until a year or two ago. Then Google found a way to increase security by the https. But the https is mostly to protect new people to sites they’ve never been to before. Especially bad sites with dangerous stuff on them. But most if not all the sites in our nitch are perfectly fine. I’ve surfed through all the traffic sites a million times with no damage whatsoever. And http is still safe it’s just not as secure as the new one. I hope this helps. And yes AE Mailer is https but that’s because it’s new and we wanted to be compliant but the older sites often haven’t come up to the new standards because they have tons of loyal customers with no problems and don’t really need to upgrade – if you see what I’m mean.