I can tell you’re thoroughly confused. Learning new skills can definitely be confusing at first. I remember trying to learn how to sail 30 foot sailboats and then eventually buying a 22 Columbia and crashing into other peoples boats at the beginning LOL. Now ten years later I’ve sailed in 35 storms at sea haha. But the first three storms were the worst even though they actually weren’t that bad in comparison to some later ones I was in. Internet marketing is much the same. It takes a while before you become really good at it and confident. I think after three years out sailing I felt comfortable with the idea of teaching others. I had been through so much by that time. Ok so let me try to clear things up.

Here are 100 Questions & Answers page too which can help you as well as a lot of questions from our members on the Forum:


So yes, becoming a gold member in PLS would allow you to earn the $20 residual income from PLS from each customer who joined under you. It would cost the extra $20 a month. However, once you have a team, it pays back big time. It would also allow you to earn 50% override commissions from your teams efforts & sales.

I will help you with growing your team also.

Ok so as far as advertising, you should follow the basic training instructions in the “Basic Training” Tab / Start Here Page.


When the training branches off to PLS (or GDI or PMS) just click the link and begin.

But you can also find all our advertising mailers under the Main Menu Tab that says: “Mailers”.
You can also find all the advertising help for learning advertising under Basic Training One, Two & Three



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