So nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing your story with me. I actually have a team in GDI with over 100 members with eleven team leaders under me  – so I know we can help you succeed! However, I understand your reluctance. Anyway Elizabeta and I are both partners and work together online even though we are both from different countries. I’m from California (US) and she’s from Macedonia (near Greece). We both became friends and then realized we can do so much more together! We created the AE Mailer together and now we have almost 2500 members in our mailer for 10 months. In GDI Team Elite we have over 165 paying members. So we know it works!

So today even though we are both GDI team leaders, we also actively promote the Power Lead System and the Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) together because we found we were making more and more monthly income online using all of them than any other program we’ve worked with and now encourage everyone to join us.

Anyway, we have had a lot of frustrations for many years working online until we were mentored by a professional and began making consistent income. We also teach these same principles to everyone on our team. We promote differently then most people and will share all our methods with you. Would you like to join us?