In this article, you will learn the basic steps that will explode your Internet sales, whether you’re promoting your own offer or someone else’s.

1. Pick a Market

If you already have a niche, skip to step 2.  

Otherwise, the key to finding a niche is to research what’s already being sold; what people are already buying.

Go to and search the various niche categories and sort by “gravity”. This will tell you the  products that are getting the most sales.

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Go to and look through the most searched products. This will give you a quick glance as to what people are looking to buy.  Also see their “completed items” category.

Go to Amazon and search their “best sellers” list in the books category. 

You can also go to and look through their listings. If “demand” is high enough (in any niche) to support a magazine, then it’s an indicator that it has high profitability.  

2. Pick a Product 

When you have picked a specific market, now it is time to select a product. Just choose one for now.

Go to’s marketplace and search products with the highest gravity in any niche to instantly see what people are already buying. This will show you what’s “in demand” ASAP. 

3. Create the squeeze page about the product.

Building an email list is not an option if you want to make money online…

It’s a priority! In fact, one of the most important things you can do for your online business is to develop and maintain an email list.

So how do you get people to sign up? Many get people to sign up by offering gifts or something that will be valuable to your subscribers. Most people will be attracted by free items as long as they appear to add a lot of value, such as a video course, ebook or short report, or a webinar – if it is targeted to what the person is actually  interested in or looking for.

Autoresponder services make growing and managing your email list a snap! Previously I used other autoresponders and I had more pending than active subscribers.  I use single opt-in in Aweber now and I don’t lose my subscribers. If you want to succeed in online business you must invest in a quality autoresponder. 

You should make sure that the sign up procedure is easy and avoid asking too much information like phone numbers and addresses. The less information you ask from the subscribers that more likely they will sign up for your email list. You can ask for the first names so that you can personalize each email that you send out. Here’s an example of an effective sign up form…

If you want a little help, visit newsletter. I can add Aweber form on your too. 

However you do it, building a list should be priority #1 when you are building an online business. Most people aren’t going to buy from you at first glance of your website, but if you invite those same people to join your list free, and then follow up regularly with a high value newsletter and educational emails about your product, you are certain to turn more visitors into customers. Build your list, and your fortune will follow… 🙂

4. Build an Autoresponder Series

Don’t seel directly. According to statistics people buy after 7-9 emails about the product You’re going to research the product’s benefits and create an email series that pre-sells the product.  You can get this info from the vendors’ affiliate site

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