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So first of all I want to share a little of my story with you. From 2012 to 2018 I joined over forty different business opportunities trying to earn and find success online. I worked 10 – 12 hour days in my pursuit and spent literally thousands of dollars.

Each time I joined a new program, I thought I had figured it out and that I was about to “make it big!” Unfortunately, a few months down the road, I realized it was just another “rabbit hole” and disappointment became increasingly more hard to stand each time this happened (and it happened a lot). Not only this but I put a lot of effort into each opportunity and worked hard to learn as much as I could and get everything set up. Usually I gave a program about three months but often more and occasionally less. Maybe you can relate to my story?

By the time 2018 rolled around, I had learned a lot but still knew that my advertising was nowhere near enough to get consistent sales and that there must be gaping holes in my strategy. It was at this time that I ran into a seven figure mentor quite by accident (still in pursuit of success). I had run across a lot of mentors but this time something was different. Even though he earned a lot and only gave me tiny pockets of time via Facebook Messenger, each interaction with him filled in pieces of the puzzles for me. Just to be honest with you, it took me months to earn even these small pockets of time I got from him. One time I remember having one of those “aha” moments. In fact, it was that moment that I learned the third critical skill. Of course, it wasn’t in order but I knew I had turned a corner!

So let’s get into some of the the finer details of the Five Critical Skills. The first skill is “Effective Advertising”. As I’ve shared with you before, many people go and start advertising but they don’t know if there advertising is truly effective or not. They also don’t know the market and they think that everybody’s going to love the product and service that they they promote. Imagine that you’re starving for a second. What are you looking for? Food or some cosmetic products? It’s the same with the market. It would be better to find out what people are already looking for and then offer that. The chances that they will buy your products are then much higher. 


The next thing about effective advertising is this: the only way you’re actually going to see if your offer is is compelling or not is to track it and see how many subscribers and conversions that you get from each market that you advertised in. That’s basically what we’ve done. We spent years tracking our advertising, seeing where we got the best results (we’re going to share these same results with you also). I want to show you the exact advertising sites we use: 




You can see from this list of ad sites that we use Safelists and Mailers to the majority of our advertising. The thing is that most people who use these sites get little or no results from them. But this is because they don’t know how to use them properly. The key to successful marketing using Safelists is to be able to create your own effective capture pages (Critical Skill #2). Also realizing you’re not looking for sales right away. Your goal for advertising is to get subscribers – period. Then build a relationship with your list with your automatic emails (Critical Skill #3). When your emails are written correctly, you can get replies and interaction with your email list. Building communication with your list is the essential spark you need to create “know, like and trust” with your list. This is eventually what will get you a sale. And these sales will come in every day, if you do it correctly. But it takes a while to get the system working for you. It doesn’t happen overnight. Also, having clever funnels to pull your list through is the next key to sales (Critical Skill #5). 


So as far as advertising is concerned, you will then need to learn how to track your hits to these Safelists and what your conversions are. You really have to make sure what safelists are working for you and those that are not. Also don’t forget that just because one safelist doesn’t work for you – it may be because your audience is not connecting with your advertising capture pages. I’ve realized over time that you have to edit, re-edit and review your splash and capture pages over and over again and measure your hits and conversions to create the ad pages that will convert the best. Also testing different pages and finding which ones work the best is also a key. The thing about tracking is that this takes time and work to figure out how to track your links. We use two systems to track our links. The first system we use is the Power Lead System. You will see in the next chapter some details about how to use PLS to track your links. We also use Clixtrax to track our conversions. You can find out your conversions using PLS (and they do a great job, but strictly for finding your conversions, Ciixtrax is easier.)




Learning advanced tracking for your links is a whole course in itself and is beyond the scope of this post. However, as I mentioned before, there are some practical details about basic tracking in the ebook. Watching the webinar about this, will also help you as you can see the pictures and examples better. Also I will give you a clue on advanced tracking and how to track your links properly. Once you set up your tracking link inside Clixtrac, then you will be able to find the “conversion code”. Add this html code to your opt in page (if possible) or your welcome sales page (that they come to after opting in). Then set it up so Clixtrac will send you an email every time someone converts. You can then also check your conversions inside Clixtrac to see what source they came from. The final word on tracking is that you should get a mentor to help you learn it effectively or it will take you a long time to learn it and to learn how to track your conversions is even harder. You can find more info about mentors in the last two chapters of this eBook. 


Okay, so the final thing I want to mention about advertising is that the more advertising you can get, the better. Many people think that if they find one good source of advertising, that this is enough. I have never found this to be true. It takes real work to advertise every day and you should get into a daily routine of advertising consistently to be effective. I would encourage you, if you use Safelists and Mailers, to open two new gmail accounts specifically for advertising. This will help you so that you don’t “kill” your regular email address. You will get a lot of email ads to these two emails and you don’t want these ads to ruin your main email account. There are whole eBooks written on the best way to advertise with Safelists (if that’s what you choose to use as an advertising method) and you should read these. There is a whole section written in the Power Lead System on using Safelists. You will find more about this in the next chapter.

So coming back to what we were talking about – advertising. So as you learn to track your links, you should start off by trying to get 1000 hits a week to your link. This will get you moving in the right direction. You need a 1000 hits at least usually to see if your ads are effective. If you’re getting at least two subscriber per 1000 hits, then this means you’re on the right track. When I say hits”, I’m not talking about how many people you send your ad to. I’m talking about how many people actually visit your web link (your capture page link). If you use the Safelists and Mailers we advise you to use, then you should not get “bots” visiting your site. Using the wrong ad sites can destroy your ability to be effective in your advertising. If you see you’re not getting at least two subscribers per 1000 hits, then this either means two things: 1) You’re using the wrong ad sites or 2) Your capture page is not converting. If you use the safelists and mailers we suggested, then most likely you’re only dealing with problem #2 and your capture pages need more work so that they convert. You can also learn about almost every kind of advertising inside the Power Lead System, such as Facebook Marketing, Youtube Marketing, other Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO etc…


The last thing I want to mention about advertising is that after you’re successful at getting two or more subscribers to your list with 1000 hits a week, then you should work next on getting more than 2-3 subscribers per 1000 to your ad site (capture page). This will mean working more on your capture pages to get them working better. The next thing is working on getting 2000 – 5000 hits a week to your site. Then you can move on to 5000 – 20,000 hits a week. However, in your quest to get lots of hits to your site, don’t spend your whole day on this (or all the time you have allotted to work on your business). You will need to work a little each week on all the skills. 


Critical Skill number two is “Effective Capture Page Making”. As you can see we use the Power Lead System because it gives our new members the tools that they need to be able to make effective capture pages very easily and also has the right tools for our advanced members. The thing about creating effective capture pages is you need to get into your prospective buyers “head” so to speak and start thinking about what “they’re” looking for and why “they” need your product. You basically have two seconds to capture their attention and you have to be unique in how you do that. For instance, your headline needs to “speak to them”. It must get their attention. And to do this, we’re always thinking about what people in our niche (the “make money online niche) are looking for. And the two things they are all looking for is more traffic (so more people will see their offers) and having success online. So if you can offer them ways to get this in a convincing way, then you will get subscribers. 


The reason I’m telling you all this is because making a capture page is one thing but having the wisdom and knowledge to know what to say on that page is another. This is where we will help you and mentor you on learning this skill when you start getting good at making your own splash pages. You can start getting subscribers every single day to your list and eventually you can start controlling how fast you build your list. There’s a vicious cycle between skill number one (effective advertising) and skill number two (effective capture page making). I’m going to go into a little bit more detail with you about it right now. So you know you can have the best advertising in the world but if you have a terrible capture page then all that advertising is for nothing and it’s the same thing vice versa if you have the best capture page in the world but you have terrible advertising then it’s going to have the same effect. You’re gonna have terrible results. 

As a new marketer you find yourself caught up in this vicious circle. Asking yourself the question: “was it my advertising that was bad or was it my capture page that was bad?” That’s where we come in. We have the experience and the understanding to know the difference between which problem you’re having and that’s where we can help you to find the solution. Really that’s the importance of having a mentor and that’s really where we come in to help you one-on-one to be able to show you and help you identify things that you’re doing right from the things that you need help with.


Critical Skill number three is “Effective List Building and building your list is really all about mastering your advertising, mastering your capture page making and having a really good strategy about what to promote and how to promote it to get lots of subscribers. You’re going to find that if you’re not succeeding with skill number one and skill number two, then really you’re not going to be building your list very fast and that’s the key to building a big list: it’s not only building it big but building it fast. I mean can you really imagine spending the next 10 years building a big list? You need to build it but much faster than that!


Critical Skill number four is “Effective Communication with your List” and really, it’s effective communication that is like the spark that ignites your “list” so to speak. Without that spark you can have the biggest list in the world but nothing will happen. Honestly this skill is not easy to learn it takes time patience, correct scripts to learn from and a mentor to help you understand what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Honestly I spent a year on my own trying to learn this skill on my own and failed miserably. To tell the truth, I almost gave up three times. It’s not until I joined a team, learned from my mentor how to how to effectively communicate, did I begin to succeed. Nevertheless, here are some tips on succeeding with communicating with your list: 

The biggest breakthrough I had creating effective communication online (and the first step to creating a sale) was a simple “call to action” in my emails. I would simple end the email with “if you’re interested to find out more, simple reply back to this email with the subject heading: ‘tell me more’ and I will.” The second breakthrough was having effective scripts to share with those who did ask me to “tell them more”. A sample script for this would be to say hello, build a little repport with them and then share a bit of your online story with them. Then transition it to asking them if they would like to join your team. Be direct or they will not understand where your going. A sample email script I use looks like this: 


Beginning of Script =====>>>
“Hey (name). So nice to meet you! ?? 
 Do you mind me sharing my story with you (name)? It might help you:
In 2012 our school lost funding and I lost my job as a teacher (been a kindergarten teacher for 20 yrs) 
So over the years I was in 40 different business opportunities and never had real success with any of them.
Sure I made some money here and there but my biggest problem was consistent online sales.
Anyway my online business changed when I came across my seven figure income mentor.
My mentor taught me a lot of things but the most important was how vital real communication is with your
new prospects and team. Today we have over 104 paying members on our team with over 9 leaders
and it keeps growing daily. We make sales every single day and often It’s because of our team and not even
our personal efforts anymore. Before I used to have trouble even making a sale maybe once a month. 
Anyway, my business partner (from Macedonia) and I (from California) have had a lot of frustrations for many
years working online until we were mentored by a professional and began making consistent income.
We also teach these same principles to everyone on our team. We actively promote the
[add the system you want to promote here] together because we found we were making
more and more monthly income online then any other program we’ve worked with and now encourage
everyone to join us. We promote differently then most people and will share all our methods and best
traffic sources with you. Would you like to join our team (NAME)? 
<<<====== End of Script 


So advertising will take a big chunk of your time. But the next big thing to work on is writing your own emails and communicating with your list (Critical Skill #4). I know this may sound “scary” but don’t be scared. Just realize you will get better and better at this over time. I was honestly intimidated too but I knew I had to get better, so I just wrote one email a day and eventually I got better. Know that I was bad for quite a while before I got better. And you have to start somewhere. Their is a lot to learn about writing emails and you will find a lot of content and help inside the Power Lead System about setting up and writing emails (see the next chapter). However the formula to writing good email copy can be summed up basically here: 1) Think about what pain you’re subscriber is having, (such as having to wake up early every single day to go to work instead of being able to work on their own schedule from home) and then share how that pain effected you. 2) Then describe how you got past the pain and succeeded (or are beginning to succeed or how someone you respect succeeded). 3) Then transition to a call to action and how they need to contact you for you to “share more” with them on having success online. Also you can use other online “hero’s”, your mentor or sponsor and share their examples of success to help make your case and your email work. My mentor Alan has a very comprehensive training of this and you will have access to his training after the seven day free trial of PLS is finished. You only need to send me an email at “SailngWithAlbie@gmail.com” for me to send you the information to access his awesome free training. 


Also realize that building your list (Critical Skill #3 and communicating with them (Critical Skill #4) IS the most important part of the 5 Critical Skills. All the five skills revolve around this. If you lose focus on this, you will begin to fail and we’re telling you this now so that you will succeed. So don’t lose your perspective!


So Critical Skill number five is “Effective Funnel Page Building” and this is kind of like having your own “Walmart” except it’s your own online store where people can come in and buy lots of affiliate products from you. When you get this to work for you, it’s really great. The only problem is is that you actually have to have all these other skills that proceeded, such as skill one, two, three and four to be working effectively in order to have an effective funnel. I mean, can you imagine having a funnel but not having anyone to actually go through the funnel? That’s why having an effective list is so important and and communicating with your list so you can bring them through your funnels. Make sense right? In fact, getting new prospects onto your list is also part of an effective funnel. As far as building funnels, you know honestly I think the best way is to learn from pre-made templates that are made for you already so you don’t have to go out there and learn everything from scratch. Then you can create your own funnels without too much trouble. You can also copy similar ideas and learn from your mentors how they made their funnels. This is exactly what I did. You will also find videos on setting up a complete funnel inside the Power Lead System under “Websites” Tab and then “Sales Funnel Duplicator”. Simply click on the “Click here” link and a whole page of videos will come up! 


Okay, so you don’t really have to become a super “techie” person as there are programs out there that can help you build funnels without too much trouble. Honestly we use the Power Lead System because PLS has an excellent funnel page builder. Having a mentor available to help you give you suggestions on your funnel is really important so you build them correctly. Once you have made the funnel, then you need to understand the correct strategies to get your prospects, your team members and customers to go through your funnels and make sure that they’re working correctly. Having the right affiliate products in place with the correct information to give back to your customers and making sure that everything is looking professional is really vital!


So now we really want to give you some solid reasons why creating capture pages, building up your list and building funnels is so essential. Imagine with me you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and then some ad interrupts what you’re doing. You see it, read it and then continue back to what you were doing before. You want to read more about it at the end of the day but then – what do you know – you can’t find it anymore! As a customer you might have lost a really great opportunity but as a marketer you might have lost a sale. So as a marketer, it’s your job to make sure that you don’t lose your prospects. Remember if they don’t subscribe to your capture page, you’re going to lose them forever.


All right, now let’s turn the clock backs and imagine that you had done it correctly. For your prospect everything is exactly the same except that when they clicked on the ad, you asked them to put their email on there to get more information. Your prospect then got a welcome email about the product. They got it the next day and the day after that and so on. As a customer you learn something new about the program, the product or the service every single day. According to the stats your prospect needs seven to twelve emails to decide to join you in the program, buy the product or pay for the service, so understanding this is critical.


So I hope this overview of the Five Critical Skills has been helpful for you! Just to sum everything up, the first skill is to have effective advertising, the second is effective capture page making, the third is effective list building, the fourth is effective communication with your list and finally the fifth is effective funnel page building. If you continue reading the ebook, we are going to learn how to access the awesome training, tools and some practical things that will help you to implement the Five Critical Skills. 


Albie & Elizabeta




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