Our Mentor & Jeff Aman

How are you today?
So my mentor is in a different program (it’s actually the program behind everything we do.
It’s the reason we have all the tools and recourses and can give so much away to our team
and help them like we do.

My mentors name is Alan Cosens and I work with him in the Power Lead System.
If you ever want to know more about this – just let me know. 

We are truly able to help all our downline on our team and don’t
need help from any of our mentors anymore.
We make new sales every single day and also help our team make sales.
However, we suggest to get to know Jeff Aman a little and see what he has done
with the Prosperity Marketing System.
It’s truly amazing and we are following his lead with it. However, Jeff will not teach
you the five crucial skills to succeed
(he mentions them in passing but he won’t mentor you 1:1 like we will to learn them).
So I advise anyone to stay with our training and not get lost on all the various
things and programs you will find.

I hope this helped you.

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Elizabeta Kuzevska
Albie Derbyshire


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