Elizabeta and I have special personal mentoring classes that are an hour each.

 They cost $150 per hour and we walk through any questions you have concerning the Five Crucial Steps. You may be able to request a discount for every 10 steps completed in the AE Mailer “Affiliate (downline) builder”.

 We also will be recording each session live
and will give you your special link to listen again to the recorded
session after it is complete. 

We will share anything you want to know in a “Open Topics” Session.

However if you want to go through the five specific classes we have,
here are a list of the classes:

1) Advertising,
(Best ad sites to use and Strategies.)
2) Tracking and Conversions.
3) Building your List Quickly

4) Building Basic to Advanced Splash Pages,
5) Effective Communication with your List,
6) Funnel Building.

Specific Sessions Details: 

1) Advertising,
Elizabeta will go through the best sites to use and
how she was able to test and prove these sites.
She will also share with you the best strategies and methods
to get a lot of effective traffic and conversions. 

2) Tracking and Conversions
This training builds on the first and in this session Elizabeta
shows you what trackers are better than others,
how to effectively track all your links and see if they are converting.
She will also go into detail about reasons why you may not be getting
good conversions and will walk through your advertising with you to
get the “kinks” out of your advertising strategy. 

3) Building your List Quickly
In this session Elizabeta builds on her first two trainings by teaching you some
of the methods she was able to use to create super effective splash pages
and get 30-60 subscribers in just one or two days. 

4) Building Basic to Advanced Splash Pages,
In this training, Albie will walk you through creating your own basc, moderate
or advanced Splash page in PLS. For advanced training we will be using
Canva and PLS to create pictures, text, border, linked pages, opt in forms
connected to welcome and sales pages. You will also learn about
building sales pages and if you want a special session just about this, you can
request this also. 

5) Effective Communication with your List,
In this session, Albie will be going through with you about how you are currently
communicating with your email list and how you can improve dramatically.
He will also teach you how to better communicate with prospects that
email you daily and how to earn their trust and join your team as paid members.
Finally, we will be learning how you can attract stronger and better clients. 

6) Funnel Building.
In this session, Albie will be teaching you about creating sales pages for your
funnels and where to add these pages to create real income for yourself.
You will be also learning how to build a big team or a lot of customers that
will go through your funnel pages. 

We both know a lot about all of these topics, however, we
are a little better in the specific areas we teach.

Just email us below to talk with us personally about these classes:

Albie Derbyshire
cell: 626-379-5692