Ok so putting a link at the end of your message is good for amateurs…

but it won’t do much if you want to start succeeding. The only good is for someone to actually contact
you back and make that real connection with people. Otherwise they MAY join your program
but (most likely not) but even if they do – they won’t know you well enough and when they don’t succeed
in a week or more they will drop out.
 But if they get to know and trust you and you teach them,  they will stay and work hard
and be an essential part of your team.
This very ingredient took me literally five years to learn and I learned it from my mentor
that makes seven figures. It was very hard for me to come to grips with because everything
about Internet marketing makes you want to put everything on auto pilot – but it’s  the
devastating wrong move.

I hope this helps you!

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