I made for you the Referral Frenzy pages and added it to your rotator link! So you only need to promote your rotator link to get people to all your pages. Keep a count of how many subscribers you get to what page. Each time you get a new subscriber, the PLS email tells you where they came from (usually). So then record it in your notes on your computer or on your smart phone or notebook like this for example.
Week of _/_/2020
PMS Sailboat Page: II
PMS Video Page I
Referral Frenzy splash: I
This way you will see what pages are performing the best for you and which ones are bringing in new subscribers. If a page seem to not be bringing in subscribers, then let me know and I’ll pause that page for a while.
Here’s the pages I made for you today:
Here’s the splash page:
Connects to this opt your opt in form:
Connects to your welcome page:
Connects to (our) your training page (I added ALL your links to the training page).
Also the welcome11 page is connected to your PMS Welcome8 Page too:
It took a bit a of work to get this all set up for you – but your worth it!  ?
I added all the share codes to your PLS account and made copies for you and then added all your info and connected them to your 61 campaign autoresponder series to make this happen.
You will see signups and things happen in time. This week we had a new member join and upgrade to the $99 Referral Frenzy year program and we got paid about $49 of that (which was cool) and don’t even know who the person is. However, it’s more usual to get people responding to our emails and connecting with us first that way, so let me know whenever you get someone responding to you – ok ?
Soon you’ll be good at responding to people and will be on your own doing this! Then you will only need our help working on building Your own splash pages, writing your own emails and building funnel pages with PLS (so keep going through the training and let me know what page you’re on and what you learned so you can go on to the next one ☝️. Ok ???
Have a great day!