So yes, its a great idea to use a rotator link. We can set up a rotator link for you too. If you promote this one page it will rotate
all your pages one by one as each person clicks
on your link. Go for more than a 1000 hits a week (you can track your hits in PLS).
This will help give you a fighting chance of getting subscribers.
You can use any PLS email swipe with these pages.
Go to “Promote Your Business” Tab / Email Swipes.

Remember that what you’re looking for is subscribers and then when you get these just
let me know so I can send you the script
to write them. That way, they will hear from you personally and also from your autoresponder
messages. This will increase your chances of hearing from them and making contact.
Sales come from “know, like and trust” and that’s how
we get sales every day. ok!

Don’t forget the training also. Learning the Five Crucial Skills
is the most important ingredient in all of this. If you have any questions, just let me know.

rotator link:

(sample rotator link:)  )


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