Inner Potential


This is Albie, writing you from a beautiful place where your heart feels surrounded by peace!

Today I want to talk about inner potential and how to develop it better. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the more skills that you have, the better you can earn and that’s in any area of life.

You can use that approach to get a better job or you can use that approach to grow your business and continually increase your profits every month. Really it’s not about coming up with a new scam or scheme to take money away from people that will help you or them. Scams usually backfire on yourself.

So I would say to take the route of becoming a better person and growing every day a little bit better. The best way to grow is to listen to people who have achieved great things and who have been through a lot of “battles” so to speak, and have learned some important things from life. I mean you’ve heard of a pool of water that has no inflow or outflow – it becomes stagnant. And if you aren’t growing, you will become stagnant too. It’s very easy to fall in a “rut” and stop growing.

Jim Rohn talks about reading books so that you can bring out your inner potential. And honestly I have to say that reading various personal development books over the years has really challenged me and made me think about what I was doing what I could do better with my life. You know sometimes people don’t like reading very much but it’s a very powerful medium and there are things that you will never learn from just watching TV all the time. I have to say if I had not read these books that Jim Rohn talks about, I would be a completely different person (and not for the better).

What I often do when I’m very busy is listen to an audible book on my iphone while I’m driving or working on the computer with something that doesn’t require a lot of brain power. In this way I can keep growing and learning without actually having to read. So there’s an option for you. Either way Jim Rohn has another quote that really helps and that is “the books you don’t read won’t help.”

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Sound like a plan?



Required Disclaimer:  As with any opportunity there are many variables. Results cannot be guaranteed and any testimonials or examples given in this email may not be typical. You may do better or worse.