Everyone needs to promote like this (EVERYONE)

Hi! Albie here. So if you’re going to ask other people to send you money in exchange for your offer – then you better be good at promoting (with your offers) Right! And honestly this is how Elizabeta and I earn all the time. People see our emails and click the links or email us back and we connect back with them. And this is all part of Critical Skill #4: “Effective Communication with Your List”.

So Elizabeta and I realized many people have real problems with affiliate marketing. They don’t build their list. They just promote links hoping to get a sale from the promotion itself. They jump from one program to the next, thinking that the next program will be the “magic one” and how they will earn. 

We also realized that creating ad pages, landing pages, capture pages etc is the biggest problem working online. In order to create them, you will need a Squeeze page builder such as the Power Lead System (PLS), Onyalist, AIOP, BuildabizOnline etc…or WordPress plugins and hosting. You can see our downline builder if you want to check them out. 

Affiliate marketers need to know how to create these ad pages so they can get more subscribers and contact these people on their list. But it is often too much for them to be able to do without proper training. Also, they don’t know how to promote their pages and which traffic sources are the most effective.

All this is WHY we created the Steps to Six Figures course that you can find in the Prosperity Marketing System. It helps everyone to be able to learn how to create ad pages with a simple share code for free where they can simply change their photo and add what they want to their pages!

We created pre-written email campaigns (which they can edit) for AWeber and PLS to promote their ad pages and promote their products in their email campaigns. In this way, you can send out appealing ad pages, build your list, connect with your list and begin to earn from the very beginning as you learn the 5 Critical Skills and get better and better. We put the Free Training in the Prosperity Marketing System on how you get Traffic to your ad pages with Viral Mailers and promoting in FB groups for Free. This is all to help you begin learning these exact steps that we use to get sales every day. And the Steps to Six Figures will help you learn exactly where to start. 

Wow! That’s so cool, right?…

I’d love to hear from you about this. Tell me more about your journey online. Do you promote affiliate products? Do you have a list? Do you have problems communicating with your subscribers? Do you have traffic problems? 

Simply reply back and let me know your thoughts…

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

Albie Derbyshire


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OMA 2021


“Your Plans Will Work On You…”

Hi! This is Albie.

This week I want to share with you about your plans. Jim Rohn says “if you go to work on your plans, your plans will go to work on you.”


So what plans have and how are you going after them? Many people have plans but don’t go to work on them because the plans aren’t perfect or they don’t see the complete vision.


But you have to remember that you have to start somewhere and like Jim Rohn says ‘…your plans will go to work on you.” So start your plans and then let them work on you.


For example, even though a spaceship has its destination already set in its system, it has to keep adjusting its direction as it goes along. So do we. We can change and adjust our plans as we go. Our destination will get closer as we move toward it and the vision clearer. So we can adjust what needs to be adjusted. But if you don’t move forward, your plan won’t give you any feedback and you won’t get anywhere. 

Also in setting plans, you need a solid information to build it on. So I’m curious if you have tried other programs in the past and wanted feedback about them? 
Curious about the positives and negatives of such programs as: 
  1.  World Profit 
  2. GDI Team Elite
  3. The Power Lead System 
  4. Club Cash Fund 
  5. Lead Lightning 
  6. Secrets of the Big Dog
  7. AIOP
Got questions? Well, good, because I have unbiased answers. You can access all the information about them here. 
I would also love to hear back from you! Just email me back with the subject title: “I have a question” and then share your question in the main email body. 
Talk soon! 

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