I’ll fight for this…


This is Albie. I just came back from being out at my boat trying to fix my broken mast.

It came crashing down on a wild but exhilarating day at sea (and just in case you don’t know what a mast is, it’s the long pole that stands high off the boats deck that holds up the sails). Anyway, I know that you’ve had setbacks too and things that really woke you up. Losing my mast really shook me up I can tell you.


Broken mast on the bow of my boat

So as you can guess that’s not the first time I’ve had really bad things happen (and that’s not even “bad” in the grand spectrum of things). 

The point being that often you have to learn things the hard way and sometimes more than once! And all this to say, I would love to show you our secrets of how we get sales every every single day working online but take my word for it – it wasn’t always easy and I spent years in frustration looking back at my achievements and wondering where I was going.

Finally here’s the catch: you will have hard times too – no matter how much I teach you. Unfortunately, life is always about growth and growth doesn’t come “done for you”. Sure I can make things ten times easier for you than what I had to deal with by myself- but again, you have to go into this with the right mindset.

One of my mentors told me that only one or two out of 100 are the actual leaders you’re looking for. Everyone else asks the wrong questions. They always ask “how much will I make”, “how much is it”, “how hard is this?” etc. But the ones that are leaders just wanna know one thing: “who can I follow to find success no matter what the cost.” Also understand this: “at any cost” shouldn’t mean at the cost of your family.

 What I’m taking about is the fruit of persistence over years of time to get the results of being able to go anywhere in the world you want and for how long and it not inconvenience your work. Or being able to grow and experience life to the fullest without having to go into a job every day. I think you know where I’m going with this.

Ok so if you’re thinking: “wow, he’s totally taking about me” then I definitely want to hear back from you. Simply respond back to this email with the subject line: “I’m willing to fight for this” And I’ll know what you mean and share more with you about what we do.

Talk to you soon!

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