A Walk Along the Ocean


This is Albie again. Usually every week, my wife and I like to go down to the beach and wade along the waters edge and watch the waves come in. I find this so relaxing and refreshing.

A lot of stress built up over the week seems to disappear as different shapes and sizes of waves come in and when looking down under the clear water  and seeing interesting patterns etched on the wet sand below. A curious looking shell or piece of drift wood doesn’t hurt either.

I also find it very helpful for thinking too as I walk along, enjoy the waves and let various thoughts drift across my mind like the boats you sometimes see out over the ocean. Maybe you can relate to all of this and perhaps there’s something that you like to do that’s calming and relaxing also? I would love to hear what it is!

Anyway, sharing what I love is one of my favorite things to do and helping others to earn online just as I do. You know one of the most important skills you can learn about earning online is building your email list and the value of connecting with them. And yet this is what people pay the LEAST attention to (lol). This skill takes a little bit of practice and guidance. But that’s what we’re here for! If you want to learn how to be effective online and earn
consistently, then we want to hear from you!

Just simply email me back with “share with me more” and I will connect back with you!

Talk soon. 

Albie Derbyshire


cell: 626-379-5692


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