The Positives and Negatives of GDI Team Elite


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An Unbiased Look at

Are goal is not to criticize GDI Team Elite
or any program or business mentioned
in these critiques. Many of these programs were
very helpful in our journey online and the
major strengths are listed first. 

GLOBAL DOMAINS INTERNATIONAL has been around since 1999,
providing websites, training and an effective comp plan to help its affiliates
earn each month from bringing in new members.
Plus…there’s more:

You can see the positives and negatives below:

The POSITIVES of GDI Team Elite are:

GDI Team Elite has been helping creating team leaders for years and years. GDI
Team Elite promises that it will help place 6 members under you and help your
new members get members too. I am a personal testimony that this system works
with a capable team leader. I have also personally helped create over nine team leaders,
each with thier six members. 

Understand that Global Domains International does not condone or support
any group such as GDI Team Elite. Global Domains International only supports its own
policies and practices.*

Positive Benefits of GDI:

1) GDI provides great support, email, tools to help you market to potential clients,
webpages to help you advertise and sign up new members, tools to
understand who is in your downline and communicate with them and much more.

2) Special paid bonuses you can earn. The first is the “GDI Learning Bonus”
that pays out $25 for completing all the steps in the GDI Learning Bonus. Another
one is the GDI Duplication Bonus which gives $250 for every 10 directly referred
new customers that earn their $25 Learning Bonus. And there are more!


 I found that the original email campaign passed down to many team leaders
(from original GDI Team Leader Sanjinka I’m guessing) and is very effective and if you
study and implement all its 27 emails, you will understand how personal
connection is achieved through your email autoresponder. This email campaign
changed my understanding of Critical Skill #4: Effective Communication. 
This campaign
version was implemented inside TrafficWave. However,
the updated version with links in it, I personally believe to be mostly uneffective.
I have personally seen a team leader lose almost all their team from this
new email campaign.

  The method we use to build GDI Team Leaders, teach the 5 Critical Skills
to our leaders through the Sixteen Steps program
(however, there are many teams that do not use this system): 

The Sixteen Steps teaches effective advertising (Skill #1) through sharing
good Safelists and Mailers that bring in subscribers and eventually new
members. However, we encourage everyone to see our recommended
mailers and safelists in AEMailer.CLUB as these sites have been tracked
and confirmed for thier effectiveness for years by us. 

Team Leaders who complete Step 10 of the Sixteen Steps will learn how
to create effective 
capture pages (Skill #2). Our team teach our leaders
to build thier l
ist (Skill #3) through using the PLS,
TrafficWave or AWeber autoresponder. 

Team Leaders who use the original GDI Team Elite email campaign,
learn effective communication  (Skill #4) with their list through Step Nine of the Sixteen Steps
and from practical implementation by responding to emails encouraged by this campaign.
Effective funnel buiding (Skill #5) is also taught in Step 16 of the Sixteen Steps. 

The NEGATIVES of GDI Team Elite are:

1) I personally have found that there are some bad team leaders out there
who do not communicate properly with their team 
(However, I know many good team leaders).
Some of these team leaders sign up new members only to stop
connecting with them after that. I’m sad that this happens. However, there
is no way to keep these people accountable as each GDI Team Elite is
a seperate entity (each team leader controling their own team). 

2) I found that those team leaders who do not implement a training program
do not show much concern for their team actually learning real marketing skills.
There are however, some team leaders without the experience to create their own
training and many teams do not even realize the Sixteen Steps
Training even exists – just to be fair. 

This would be the negatives I have. Have an answer or different view
and want to email me? Go 


Finally, I am a big advocate of GDI Team Elite and encourage
everyone to see how a team can help you succeed and change
your understanding of online marketing.


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I used to be a school teacher for 20 years. But then in 2012

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I was grossly mistaken. Long story made very
short, it took me years to learn the marketing skills
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And when we did begin to LEARN, IMPLEMENT & MASTER
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