Positives and Negatives of the Power Lead System (PLS)


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An Unbiased Look at

Are goal is not to criticize the Power Lead System or any business
mentioned in these critiques. Many of these programs were
very helpful in our journey online and the
major strengths are listed first. 


The Power Lead System is a marketing system with a lot of
marketing tools 
such as autoresponder, tracker, capture page maker
for making lead capture pages, video sales pages, audio and video postcards,
unlimited sub domains for your sales pages, Google Hangouts pages, tons of
internet marketing training, team support…

Plus…there’s more:

You can see the positives and negatives below:


1) Practical capture page making tools to help you get unlimited viral leads
and subscribers to the double or single opt in autoresponder that you can
build your email list with. Also an ad tracker, unlimited sub domains, tons of
marketing training and team support and much more.

2) Good Ad Tracker
3) Unlimited sub domains.
4) Tons of Marketing Training on all these Subjects:
5) Facebook Marketing
6) Youtube Marketing
7) Social Media Marketing
8) Email Marketing
9) Solo Marketing
10) Safelists Marketing
11) Offline Marketing

5) Make Videos using Google Hangout
6) Video Postcards
7. Online Support
8. Power VIP Club
9. Our team enjoys having access to
Alan Cosens PLS Masterminds. If you join
under Albie, you will also have access.

The NEGATIVES are here:

1) I found that even though the training in PLS is extensive, that I didn’t succeed
until I learned the 5 Critical Skills taught me from my seven figure mentor Alan Cosens
(who is also in PLS). Once you learn these skills then all the training in PLS becomes
relavant at that point.

2) Some people consider the high ticket items a negative. I do not. I
think the training you buy is a good quality and that having something of
value to sell as an asset is a good way to earn as well. Once you buy them,
then you can sell them over and over again. If the trainings you bought were
of low quality than yes, I would agree that it is a negative.
However, this is not the case.

This would be the negatives I have. Have an answer or different view
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Hi! This is Albie
And here is my family:

I used to be a school teacher for 20 years. But then in 2012

my school lost funding and all the teachers including
myself lost their jobs
. I started internet marketing
at that time thinking it would be easy to start earning online.
I was grossly mistaken. Long story made very
short, it took me years to learn the marketing skills
that changed everything 
for my business
partner Elizabeta and I in 2018.

And when we did begin to LEARN, IMPLEMENT & MASTER
them, everything changed for us earning online and we’re confident
it will for YOU too! 

How to Succeed with the 5 Critical Skills
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