Ever think about your destiny?


Albie here from Pasadena (or from my boat which is very likely also lol). 

As you know, each of us have special talents and abilities and a desire to succeed at using these talents – hopefully to help others too. 

When we get caught in a rut and aren’t pushing forward to fulfill this destiny, then we lose our passion for life and find ourselves frustrated and “spinning our wheels”. 

It’s also important to know however, that God loves us no matter where we’re at and no matter what we have achieved. Tomorrow is a new day and even the time we have left in our day is a good place to change gears and start thinking, dreaming and working again to fulfill this in our lives. 

After listening to Joel Oilstone talk about this, I instantly realized what I loved to do and what I wish I could do more for God and for people. I honestly love to write and explore new places and share life with others and help others with the insights God has given me. 

A few months ago we were in the State of Washington visiting family and went to Cape Disappointment. 

While we were there, we saw some really beautiful sites of the Washington coast, beautiful waves and sunsets and had a lot of smiles and happiness being around family. I took a lot of beautiful pictures and shared some of these with you in my blogs. 

However, without God in the center of all of this – there is an emptiness. A beautiful sunset without a connection to God and his love makes the sunset seem cold and empty. But knowing God loves you and is working on your behalf to help you and support you and help you to grow are encouraging. 

When you truly know that God gave his life for you and cares about you like no other – it changes things and you feel alive to want to love him back and to do all you can to let others know about this awesome love too. When you lift up your hands to thank God for his love, it allows you to open your heart even more to receive back his affection for you. Not only this but it opens your heart to achieve like never before because you know what you do will not be in vain. 

Want to work with me online building a business where we can use the skills we have to make an impact and earn at the same time? Just respond back to me with the subject title: “I would love to work with you in my spare time, please share with me more.” And I will! 



PS: Expectation involves faith and works those “muscles”. The more you work them and practically pursue your dreams with real action, the better and stronger your faith and your results will be. 


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