“Your Plans Will Work On You…”

Hi! This is Albie.

This week I want to share with you about your plans. Jim Rohn says “if you go to work on your plans, your plans will go to work on you.”


So what plans have and how are you going after them? Many people have plans but don’t go to work on them because the plans aren’t perfect or they don’t see the complete vision.


But you have to remember that you have to start somewhere and like Jim Rohn says ‘…your plans will go to work on you.” So start your plans and then let them work on you.


For example, even though a spaceship has its destination already set in its system, it has to keep adjusting its direction as it goes along. So do we. We can change and adjust our plans as we go. Our destination will get closer as we move toward it and the vision clearer. So we can adjust what needs to be adjusted. But if you don’t move forward, your plan won’t give you any feedback and you won’t get anywhere. 

Also in setting plans, you need a solid information to build it on. So I’m curious if you have tried other programs in the past and wanted feedback about them? 
Curious about the positives and negatives of such programs as: 
  1.  World Profit 
  2. GDI Team Elite
  3. The Power Lead System 
  4. Club Cash Fund 
  5. Lead Lightning 
  6. Secrets of the Big Dog
  7. AIOP
Got questions? Well, good, because I have unbiased answers. You can access all the information about them here. 
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Talk soon! 

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