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Albie here. Today, I want to share with you how to get an amazing amount of traffic to your site with the least amount of expense. Now I’m not talking about using free traffic today, as this would  literally take you and I all day to click for credits to get the amount of weekly hits I’m talking about.

The site I’m taking about today is called Referral Frenzy. This site allows you to send to over 99 ad sites with only three or four clicks. It literally saves me hours of time each day.
Normally, most ad sites will give you about 40,000 ad credits a month for $10-15, but for that same $15 a month, Referral Frenzy will give you around 100,000 credits or more a month and these credits can be used in over 100 ad sites with just a few clicks!
So you can see why I’m always excited about sharing this with others!
Each month I get new subscribers to my email list and I’m able to connect with them via email as I’m doing with you today and that’s how Elizabetta and I get new sales every day online. 
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On that site you can see the video and everything about it.
Of course you’re welcome to contact me about it also and if you would like to join our team so that I can help you learn the 5 marketing skills that will make all the difference for you, then just simply reply back to this email with the subject heading “share with me more” and I will send you more information. 🙂 

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Becoming An Above Average Person…

Hi! This is Albie.

This weekend I’m at home (yup, not on my boat this time). But that doesn’t mean I have to be stuck in the mud, right! I actually had a really nice time this weekend going to visit Huntington Library in Pasadena with my wife and friends. They have a beautiful gardens there (that’s an understatement). We went to the Chinese garden this weekend and were surprised just how huge it was. It was acres and acres big. And that’s just one of the gardens there.

So this weekend I was also reading Jim Rohn and got blown away by one of his quotes: “How do you develop an above-average income? Simple. Become an above-average person.” (Work on you). That really woke me up (lol!). He went on to say:

“Develop an above-average handshake. A lot of people want to be successful, and they don’t even work on their handshake. As easy as that would be to start, they let it slide. They don’t understand,” he says. “Develop an above-average smile. Develop an above-average excitement. Develop an above-average dedication. Develop an above-average interest in other people. To have more, become more.”

That’s such an easy answer but profound really. I was so impressed with the Huntington Library and I had to admit, that it was far from just ordinary. I like the idea of becoming more than just average – and not just for myself. I want to help others change their lives. And I’m on a quest to work on that every day. Maybe you’re with me on that?

Sometimes people need a little push to get started and some “catalyst” to keep them moving forward toward their goals. I can think of a possible catalyst. Joining my mentors team was how it all started for me. And maybe you would like to join Elizabeta and me on our team? It might be a great way to great way to start learning how to earn online and start taking the daily steps to do something different and exciting with your life.

If you’re with me then simply reply back with the subject heading: “Let’s do this!” And I’ll know what you mean and share more with you about what we do.

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