You’re doing really great getting all your hits. However that 1000 should be from good sites and not just two.  Effective advertising has everything to do with this:

1) where you advertise,
2) how much you advertise and
3) what splash pages you advertise.
That’s the crucial dynamics of it. And as a team leader I’m always thinking about that equation because just hits equals almost nothing if the equations are wrong. See what I mean?
Also when you first start out – yes 2500 hits will get the ball rolling (1000 is the first step) and you’ll notice things happening and people responding back to you but it’s the number of people on your list that is the missing link people don’t think about.
I spent five years working online sending thousands of hits a week and getting almost literally nothing. I don’t know why I even continued. And that’s where you have to decide if this is for you or not.
 You know I did Realeatate and stocks, MLM for years at a time each and didn’t honestly like them. Internet marketing was different however and even though I got discouraged (understatement), I liked it and couldn’t seem to give up on it. You need this to succeed in the end because life will slam you HARD and this is just a touch of what your facing. Anytime you want to succeed at something big, you will need the persistence of a dog with a bone ? LOL.
Don’t forget to remember that. It WILL NOT BE EASY. Just when you think you have got somewhere, you will be knocked down again and again. There’s no easy way for anyone. Most people give up after learning a quarter of skill one – let alone skill five!!! Haha. If it was easy – everyone would be millionaires right!
As far as the five skills are concerned, you won’t find them in any program (only scraps here and there literally).
For instance, Buildabizonline will teach you a bit of tracking and that’s just a third of skill #1 : Effective advertising.
By the way, lies abound all over the internet world and I don’t sell those same lies. At least I try hard to NOT do that. PMS does say that you can get paid before you pay and that is true but your right – it’s hard to do it unless you get lucky or are relentless with your advertising. LOL . I don’t share that concept with people. I tell them that it will be hard but they have a chance it they work through the training.
As far as being discouraged, you actually have a growing team in both PMS and GDI. I’ve been helping you and I will continue to as long as your in this for real.
I started with six and had a hard time to get to 13 but I didn’t give up. And I had no one to help me then. Then after 35 I finally met a few people who actually worked. They became team leaders but one was a terrible one and gave me grief on end. What a waste of time that was. Anyway now I have new people joining from who knows where but it’s from the nine team leaders under me. I just had one join under this person I have no idea who it is on my level five tonight. This happens almost every day now but if I had given up those experiences would have been lost.
My mentor pulls in $2000 – $4000 a week with PLS and we will get there too it’s just a matter of time.
Concerning autoresponders, you’re right and wrong at the same time (lol). Here are the practical aspects effects of an autoresponder:
There are 109 messages in our team autoresponder and hundreds and hundred of subscribers are going through these emails each day. They have to go through 27 GDI emails and 10 PMS emails and many more scattered here and there throughout the 109.  That’s how we get new members every day from people responding to these emails. You’re in the process of building your list (skill #3) but since you probably only have 20-30 going through the email pages then you don’t see a lot of action. You need literally hundreds of them and then thousands of them going through them to see big effects. So every day you get a new subscriber, your building that list and the ability to get higher results.
Your skills in advertising have come a long way and I’m really proud of you. However that’s just part of the first skill. Time for tracking and then the second – making your own splash pages. Why is this important? Because it brands you as nothing else can. It brings your personality to the forefront and brings you to step into the marketing  stage and let’s people see you . Most People don’t think it’s important or necessary but they’re VERY wrong. It’s the next big step and it’s crucial. Know, Like & Trust. It’s the second step in that process out of five. 
But you need to also learn tracking too so we will get to both of these from the training link I sent you. 
Anyway, I hope this helps you and gives you some encouragement or some food for thought at the least. If your not meant for this then don’t worry – I understand. But if you have a desire to succeed online in business, you will want to lean the five skills, I promise you. 
I hope I covered all your concerns. ?