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    Many people want to know about this question. I got an email from Terry about this. You can see my answer below:

    “So Terry, yes the rotator link is right link to use to promote in the Safelists. Sites that are “surfing only” sites don’t get much results. We had a team member do literally 5000 hits on “surfing only sites” and he got 0 subscribers. And yes you can promote them anywhere if you want. However, safelists will work the best. You can find the safelists that work best in the main Tab “Mailers” on our site. And also the philosophy about getting sales from promoting the link is all incorrect. We promote the link to get subscribers in order to build our list and then for people to get to know us from our autoresponder messages and reply back to us and then as they get to know us they will buy from us if they trust us. This is how Elizabeta and I get sales every single day. Everyone thinks they promote a site to get a sale – but that rarely ever really happens. if you like to get sales once a month then yes do it that way. But if you want to build a list of customers and build a book of business where you get sales every day, then you have to change your strategy. Ok. 🙂 
    Our full strategy is outlined in our training and as you get to the advanced training you will start learning how to do all this. 
    I hope this helps Terry? 


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