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    So yes you’re right about my upgrade level in Europeansafelist. This safelist gives me the ability to brand myself and send almost as many ads as I want each day. It gives me a million credits a month and I love it, not only because I get subscribers from here often but also because having the highest upgrade gives you an advantage that everyone mailing on Europeansafelist knows you have. Also I earn 50% commissions from any team members that join me in Europeansafelist too. This means I almost pay nothing now for this pleasure to email 3x a day to over 16,000 people. I also like it because I can save up to 100 messages and in HTML form too and send them super easily. ??

    So our best mailers are on at the Mailers Tab above. Also you can see our new Success Guide / Downline builder to where you can earn and learn from it at the same time. It’s under the “Steps” Tab.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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