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    So here’s the little training to help you get your new gmail set up in PLS:

    Let me know when you have it set up and I will double check your system one more time. ?


    Q: So, do I need a email with my own domain ? Or just a new gmail address?

    A: Just a new gmail address.

    Once the email is set up, all the emails from the PLS autoresponder will go out from your gmail but it will all be automatic. ??

    Let me know when you get it set up. It won’t take long to connect it. Let me know if you get stuck.


    Q: So do you mean it will use gmail server instead of PLS server?

    A: It’s complicated but PLS will send out all emails that have gmail addresses through your gmail account and all other emails through the PLS main server. Also any messages that don’t go out from the gmail server because of any problems, will be sent out through the PLS server. It takes a little while to figure all this out and understand it. But the final goal is that the deliverability rate is way up from most autoresponders such as AIOP and TrafficWave etc. Aweber is still the real king of autoresponders but eventually when you become the expert in email marketing you will find that you can connect PLS with Aweber down the line too. I’m pretty happy with PLS however and it works really great for our team and for getting responses back from new subscribers.

    I hope this helps?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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