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    Hey! ?

    So thanks for letting me know whats going on. I check your link in its original form and it’s working fine:

    You know there are some anti-virus protectors that will literally stop a lot of good sites from showing up (such as buildabizonline, TrafficWave, (GDI) and a lot more. I have something from Norton that does the blocking usually. I could see if it was something suspicious but the sites are great sites I’ve used for years. I literally turn it off for 15 mins or an hour or so when I see blatant blocks like this. I still have my basic virus protection running in the background (I will let you know the name of it as it’s free to use and Dave Mosher (a top leader in our industry) uses it. Dave personally owns over 300 Safelists and told me about all this as I ran into it a while back.

    As far as why your not getting subscribers, let me check your sites to see if we’re still getting conversions by other members on those sites. Hold on…

    So yes, all your sites are still working and getting subscribers from the team. Actually as I’m checking you have a new subscriber this morning. I’ll send it to you. ??


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