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    I got this message from Jordan about what to send to tour takers. Here’s his message and my answer:

    Hi Albie,

    Do you have a winning tour taker broadcast script I can use?

    I have 31 tour takers, 7 students and 6 additional tour takers in level 2.

    I’m trying to figure out where I’m going wrong. The majority of my tour takers haven’t replied to my email broadcasts yet they signed up. Maybe it wasn’t something they had expected – I don’t know.

    Am I emailing at the wrong times?

    Do I need to change my subject lines?

    Could the body of my messages improve?

    Last month I got results towards the end of the month which was good. Although it’s not the end of the month yet , I’m not getting as much traffic. Yeah I have plenty of tour takers to be emailing.

    Do you have a winning tour taker broadcast script I can use?

    Also when I send a message to tour takers does it go to the level two members as well?
    If I send my link, I want to make sure that I am sending it to my personal free tour takers.”



    Hey Jordan! So when you send a message via the PMS autoresponder, just say hi and your name and that they are in your downline in the Prosperity Marketing System.

    Then make the first sentence jump out at them. Don’t bog them down with details. Say something a personal about your day and then transition into your message from there. Then share what they can do about it and a call to action either with a specific action they can do or a question to answer you back with. Inside the Power Lead System, under “help” is a video on writing emails and getting better deliverability rate. Since there are two videos its the second longer one I’m talking about. Realize that this is a numbers game and we have like over 800 tour takers under us in our downline. The more downline you have the better and higher response, But to be honest we still got pretty good responses even when we had just a few. Here is a sample of an email I wrote and it had a good response:


    “Hey! It’s Albie.
    (You’re getting this because you’re in my downline in the Prosperity Marketing System).

    Okay, want to know what the giant mistake is?

    Well it’s this. Most people think that if they just keep advertising, that somehow they will succeed. I mean, advertising is important. Really important. It’s the first of the Five Critical Skills. But that’s the point. It’s only the first one.

    There are four more.

    And the four other skills are just as important as the first. But guess what. If you decide to do what most people don’t do and study the other four skills and begin to master them, then you see everything begin to change for you.

    To tell you the truth, I’m not sure why most people won’t take the time to learn them. But just don’t make the same mistake yourself.

    Want to know what these skills are?

    Simply reply back with the subject line “Show me the five skills” and we will share them with you.


    PS: If you’re looking for our traffic vault, just let me know and I’ll send it to you. 🙂

    ~Albie Derbyshire
    Elizabeta Kuzevska


    cell: 626-379-5692


    I hope this helps Jordan. Any more questions?

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