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    So those who have hits showing on the Team Update that gets emailed out each week are for GDI Team Elite in order to earn the right for me to place members under them (that’s how GDI Team Elite works). There are positives and negatives with this. You have to do 1000 hits a week and be working through the training in order to qualify. If you want to join the GDI team too, Since you’re in PLS, let me know as I can set your autoresponder in PLS to help you get signups with GDI as well as the Free Lead System (FLS) Lead Lightning (LL) and the Power Lead System (PLS). Some people want the help getting members placed directly under them and becoming team leaders and creating that leverage five levels down, so if that’s you then just let me know and I’ll send you the link to join and we’ll switch over to the Sixteen Steps training after you get through the Advanced Checklist and I’ll help you from that angle instead.

    We have 3 teams under us and each team works a little bit differently but we finally got around to making the team site support all our teams instead of just GDI alone.

    I hope this helps!


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