Building your list is the most important part of your online business
Your list is number 1 asset in your business

This is because, getting new members and earning sales all comes down to communication with your list and “know, like and trust”. Without this you will never be able to earn consistently.

So here is a breakdown of the best autoresponders to help you. Please take a moment to read this important information!

If you begin with the the Prosperity Marketing System, you will get a basic autoresponder with your membership.

We tested almost all autoresponders in the last two years (Aweber, GetResponse, TrafficWave, AIOP, MyVIPContacts, ConnectKit and the Power Lead System) and according to the best deliverability rate, Aweber came in first place and Power Lead System (PLS) second. I mean, we all want our emails to go to the inbox and our subscribers to get them. Right?

Both Aweber and PLs autoresponders have single optin and you will never lose the subscriber.

Here are the Pros and Cons of these three autoresponders:

Prosperity Marketing System autoresponder

Your emails will go in the inbox

You can lose subscribers because of the cookies. This autoresponder doesn’t have automation and segmentation so you will need to send emails to all tour takers 1-2x manually each week.



You can stay a free member forever with less than 500 subscribers and 3000 emails a month

As a free member, you don’t have a lot of features.
You will have only basic ones (which includes broadcasts and pre-written campaigns) and you are allowed only one list.

You can see the difference between the Free and Paid options here
Click on the pricing and compare them


Power Lead System

It has 7 day’s free trial and unlimited subscribers, unlimited everything after that.
You can see what features it offers here 

It doesn’t have a free option.


What do we suggest?

We suggest you get the Power Lead System so you will have all the tools to build a huge team and then connect it to Aweber, so you be able to build an unlimited huge list with PLS, yet have Aweber’s deliver-ability too. You will be able to build unlimited squeeze and capture pages, track your links, see who subscribed, build a big list and get the highest percentage of your emails delivered this way. This is the way we do it and have been very successful building a huge team and earning higher commissions!

Now is your turn!

Choose the autoresponder which is the best solution for you.

In order to create your pages and set your campaigns (we can set the campaigns only with Aweber, Power Lead System or both)  we need your affiliate link, your photo and your autoresponder’s login data

If you are an experienced marketer and know how to set everything instead of your autoresponder’s login data we need your optin form’s link like these ones from Aweber  From PLS

We will set everything for you for FREE if you are under us in the programs and autoresponders.

We can check if you are under us in the Prosperity Marketing System and Power Lead System
We can NOT check if you are under us in Aweber. So…

So if you want us to create the form for you, set the campaign for you and connect the pages with the Aweber autoresponder you need to join Aweber under our link
Before you join you need to clean the cookies or you need to join from another browser
When you will join you need to contact the 24/7 support via chat and ask them if you are under our link and tell them to send you the transcript of the chat. Once it’s verified you are under us, You can resend the transcript of the chat to us with your login data to and we will set everything to you!

Please try to understand us.
To set everything we need more than 3 hours. Will, you set everything for someone if they are not under you?
Maybe you will be still free forever and we will never earn the commission from your Aweber account. But you will be under us and we can help OUR members, but not somebody else’s member.

If you want to use The Prosperity Marketing System autoresponder just give us your PMS login data. We will create the form in your account. In this case, we will give you emails you can send to your tour takers. There no automation so you will need to write your own emails after that.

We will copy and share email campaigns for you to start you off in Aweber and the Power Lead System. However, eventually, you will need to write emails too but here all members will get the campaign emails. In the Prosperity Marketing System autoresponder, you can’t segment your members and you can’t send pre-written campaigns and you will need to send the email to all of them at once.

For example, You have 5 subscribers today and you will send them the first email. After 5 days you will have 10 subscribers. Your second email will get all 10 subscribers but the last 5 will not get the first one. We will give you the campaign so you can send the emails when you want.

With automated series, all subscribers will get all emails starting from the first day of subscribing and in the row until the campaign will be finished.

We told you all pros and cons, prices and conditions so the choice is now yours. 

Send us your affiliate link, your picture and your autoresponder’s login data
We will create the pages for you and give you the passwords for the training to see how to promote them and have results!

~Albie & Elizabeta