What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is one of the most common questions people ask all the time

The answer is simple


Affiliate marketing is a way to earn a commission for promoting other people’s products or services.


The industry is worth an estimated $12 billion right now, and it will grow by at least a further 10% over the next few years. It’s a great way to earn money online without needing to develop products of your own.


The truth is, you can become a successful affiliate marketer.

You can pretty much build a business about any topic that sells a product or a service.

You can start your online business from your personal computer.

And if you do it right, you can make a lot of money, becoming a mighty passive income stream.

To start affiliate marketing, you need to:


1) Find the niche in which you want to promote.

2) Find the product to promote

3 ) Sign up for their affiliate program

4) Get a unique link that allows the merchant to track the people who clicked your link

5 ) If they buy the product, you get a commission.


Sounds simple, right?


But it is tough to sell affiliate products in reality ( especially if you are a beginner and don’t have your website)


A lot of affiliate programs don’t produce enough profit for a marketer to take a back seat and relax. They offer a 5-10% commission.


Only a few within the affiliate industry produce the bulk of the commission.


In general, making a living on affiliate marketing is challenging.


This course will teach you ways to seek out the products, promote them, build your list, and everyone skills and mindset you would like to succeed.

Search for the niche


The biggest mistake many affiliates made is to find the product to promote first. They don’t know anything about the market and waste their time and money until they realize no one is interested in their product


If you want to be successful you must start searching for a profitable niche.


As a beginner, you need to be successful in learning.

You can’t expect to start earning overnight. Think of your first campaign as a learning experience that can pay you a lot of money. When you learn affiliate marketing, you will probably start promoting many products in the future, which may increase profits.


As a beginner, you need to know how to build your first online campaign. You need to learn many things and do a lot of work.

You can promote in every niche you want. It would help if you found the first product in the niche you are familiar with.


So if you choose a profitable niche that you have no interest in, you will fail because you know anything about the niche, and you find it boring. For example, someone tells you investment is a super profitable niche.

You need to learn about it to promote it, and because you are not interested in it, we can guarantee you you will not have results.


Bottom line: If you’re a beginner, we would strongly recommend building your first campaign about something you’re familiar with and passionate about!


Now let us start

Follow these steps to find the right niche for you


1) Start your search for the niche by answering these questions honestly, and you’ll be on the right track!


-What do you love, and you are passionate about?

– Are there rabid buyers who’re likely to buy products from you.

– Can you easily find people who are super passionate about the topic or hobby you love and you are passionate about

-Do you have enough knowledge about it and you are willing to learn more

-Can you spend 10+ hours a week working on it for the foreseeable future?

-Are people willing to spend money on this hobby or niche? ( we will teach you how to find this)

-Is it a flooded market?


Here are some tips on how to start searching for the niche

and what sort of niche should be you be targeting?


Take the example of bodybuilders. Serious bodybuilders buy a ton of stuff.


They buy supplements, healthy food, books, equipment…

So you can find various products to sell them as an affiliate, and they will pay you because they purchase a wide range of products regardless of the price.


Did you get a sense of what do you need to search for? You must ask yourself if there are passionate buyers in the niche you want to promote


When you will finish


Make a list of topics you like  and market you want to go after

Start adding your ideas to your list!


2)Your next task will be to find a profitable niche regarding your list of topics.


Here is the list of the most profitable niches in general. If you are interested in some other niche we strongly recommend to do the research and see if you can find profitable affiliate programs within these niches.


  1. Beauty
  2. Make Money Online
  3. Fitness
  4. Health and Wellness
  5. Self-Improvement
  6. Hobbies
  7. Pets
  8. Outdoor Survival
  9. Fashion
  10. Gadgets
  11. Investment
  12. Loans
  13. Make Money Online



These niches are way too broad. It would be best if you focused on a specific topic (niched down) which is more appropriate.


For example, niches down for  Health and Wellness are Diet and Weight Loss, Healthy Eating; Quit Smoking; Group Fitness for Women;



To find the specific niche you have several options.


1) Sign up for https://www.brandbuilders.io/niche-list/ and get the list of 1452 profitable niches


Don’t take this spreadsheet as the only option. There are many niches which are not mentioned here. You got only 1452 of more than thousands of niches.


I got the report

Let us analyze the data in the spreadsheet


Take, for example, the keyword => apple cider vinegar weight loss.


From the data in the spreadsheet, you can find how many people search online for the niche (Volume: 31000)

How many people click on the articles to find more ( Clicks: 24245)

Return rate 1.25, which mean you will get $0.25 for every $ you spend in the paid ads


The other columns are essential if you have a website.


Keyword Difficulty => The Difficulty to rank the parent keyword on the last column on the search engines’ first site.


CPC => Cost per click  How much you will earn if you put google ads on your site


2) Go to Quora and put your keyword in the search bar to see if it is popular and find a popular “niche down” keyword related to your niche


Put your keyword in the search bar.


See how many questions do you see about the topic and how many answers they got. In this way, you will know if people are interested in the subject, and you will get an idea of what words people use regarding your niche.


If there are a lot of questions, a lot of people are interested in the topic.


If there are many answers, many people want to promote products on services related to that keyword.


Let us check keyword acne. This keyword is not in the spreadsheet from www.brandbuilders.io. This doesn’t mean it is not popular. You must review and find everything about your niche.

You will get various questions.


If you analyze the top ones, remove acne scars, acne treatment, and get rid of acne is the most popular. They have a lot of people who follow the topic and read all answers


When you will click on the first question you will see it has 100+ answers.


You can do that will other questions too to see which one is the most popular


So you can develop smaller niches within every niche, industry, or sector in this way, and you can find which words people use and are the most related to a particular niche.



3)Go to Soovle to find what people search for on the bigger search engines, not only on google.


Take some of the new niche keywords from quora and enter them into Soovle’s main search bar. Soovle will give you a lot of keyword list suggestions from each relevant search engine. In this way, you will get more ideas on what is popular and what people buy.


We can take the remove acne scar as an example here



You can see that people search the most to find products which will help them to remove acne scar naturally, overnight, fast…  You will get a closer idea of what to promote and what people want to buy


4) You can Get Suggestions From Forums too.

Forums are a great source for finding a profitable niche. BoardReader is a free keyword tool. It scours forums for recent blog posts about your niche.

If you enter your keywords into the search box, it will show multiple threads and the public’s latest discussions.


As you can see there are 93 discussions and you can scroll down and see what people most ask in the forums and are interested in about the topic



5) To check if your niche has buyers ready to pay for the products you want to promote, go to Google, and put the keyword in the search bar.

See how many people advertise with sponsored ads on that keyword.

Do the same on Amazon too.

You must follow the money. If many advertisers advertise the product, that’s a sign of a profitable market.

You need customers and traffic to drive sales. Without them, you aren’t getting any commissions.

You must find what people want. You must check the trend in your niche.


To check the trend go to


Google trends will show you the trend and comparison of markets ( niches)


We put here remove acne scar and get rid of acne


The results here by default are for 12 months

You can change the period and country and you can see the trends about your niche in the past and now


As you can see people search more to get rid of acne than to remove acne scar. This means you need to promote the products which remove acne, not acne scars.


We wish you the best success with this!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below. 🙂

~Elizabeta and Albie








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