Your  task in this lesson will be to spy the competition

  • What they are selling
  • How they are selling

So you must know what people buy and what similar products/services competitors offer. When you will do your research, you can create a better offer and present it to those who already buy it.

Let us start now

1) Let Us See What Your Competitors Sell And What People Buy

Do your research on places where people already buy products/services you plan to offer

First, go to Amazon.


Type the keyword and see what your competitors offer connected with your product

If there is a book, see the rank and the reviews. Skip the books with a rank of more than 100000. They are not widespread, and they don’t have a lot of sales.

If there is the product, see the rank, reviews, and features to see what people want in the best ranking products

Ok, now I will show you how to analyze reviews.

Skip the reviews with 1 and 5. The 1 are haters who are not satisfied with anything, and 5 are primarily people who got the product for review. So focus on the reviews from 2 to 4. You will learn from them why people are not satisfied with the product/book and what do you need to add to your offer to improve it.

Most people don’t do this market research, and as they go forward, they will face hundreds of failures because they skip this one step.


Then, go to Udemi.

It is the most significant course marketplace where people buy courses to solve their problems. See if there are courses connected with your product/services and if they’re a lot of people interested in it. See the terminology and keywords used in the courses.


Teachers pay Teachers

is another excellent platform to see what people buy.


E bay 

is the place where people buy a lot too.


See what similar products competitor sell in them and see all the reviews

Most people don’t do this market research, and as they go forward, they will face hundreds of failures because they just skip this one step.

Another easy way to find and evaluate what is trending is by using a handful of free resources online, including:

1) See where members interested in your offers . Can you find them on forums, blogs and other communities?

Let us took Quora as an example. Go to Quora and put your keyword in the search bar to see if it is popular and find a popular “niche down” keyword related to your niche

Put your keyword in the search bar.

See how many questions do you see about the topic and how many answers they got. In this way, you will know if people are interested in the subject, and you will get an idea of what words people search for according to your offer.

If there are a lot of questions, a lot of people are interested in the topic.

If there are many answers, many people want to promote products on services related to that keyword.

Let us check keyword acne.

You will get various questions.

If you analyze the top ones, remove acne scars, acne treatment, and get rid of acne is the most popular. They have a lot of people who follow the topic and read all answers

When you will click on the first question you will see it has 100+ answers.

You can do that will other questions too to see which one is the most popular

So you can develop smaller niches within every niche, industry, or sector in this way, and you can find which words people use and are the most related to a particular offer.

Go to Soovle to find what people search for on the bigger search engines, not only on google.

Take some of the new niche keywords from quora and enter them into Soovle’s main search bar. Soovle will give you a lot of keyword list suggestions from each relevant search engine. In this way, you will get more ideas on what is popular and what people buy.

We can take the remove acne scar as an example here


To check if your offer has buyers ready to pay for the products you want to promote, go to Google, and put the keyword in the search bar.

See how many people advertise with sponsored ads on that keyword.

You must follow the money. If many advertisers advertise the product, that’s a sign of a profitable market.

You must find what people want.

4 You must check the trend for your offer.

To check the trend go to

Google trends will show you the trend and comparison of  products/services

We put here remove acne scar and get rid of acne

The results here by default are for 12 months

You can change the period and country and you can see the trends about your niche in the past and now

As you can see people search more to get rid of acne than to remove acne scars. This means you need to consider the products that remove acne, not acne scars.

You can use these sites to find ideas about your offers too.

When it comes to evaluating niche markets, you also have to pay attention to relevant ‘keywords’.

5) Run a Google search for the keywords. Again, look for a lot of websites selling a lot of different products and services to the niche.

Keywords help you define who your customer base really is.

If you created a website featuring a product on starting a Cake Decorating Business from home, simply focusing on the keywords “Cake Decorating” wouldn’t necessarily draw in targeted traffic because not everyone looking for Cake Decorating tips is interested in starting their own home-based Cake Decorating business.

Some may just want to explore new cake decorating techniques or recipes and would not be part of our target market.

However, suppose you know what keywords people are really interested in creating a Cake Decorating business are entering the major search engines. In that case, you can separate those people from the rest of the herd and effectively target your customer base by matching your keyword-based marketing campaigns with the exact keywords they are using.

That’s the importance of keywords; to drill down into your niche market so that you are directly targeting your customer base, rather than just a broader niche market.

When it comes to evaluating the profitability of market keywords can also help you determine exactly how profitable the market is, as well as how much competition exists within the market.

So, begin by evaluating potential markets. Then, work towards evaluating the products featured within each niche market and finally, evaluate the level of competition.

Use keywords to better target your customer base and serve as the foundation for your marketing campaigns.

Use keyword tools. Do a LOT of people search for information in the niche every day?


6) Look at social media.

Can you find things like Facebook groups and Reddit subreddits on the topic?

7) Look offline.

Are there stores and organizations devoted to the market?

Again …

See what similar products competitor sell in them and see all the reviews

Most people don’t do this market research, and as they go forward, they will face hundreds of failures because they just skip this one step. Don’t be one of them.