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    You’re so welcome Don. 🙂

    If you have anymore questions, just let me know. ok!


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    You can find out what safelists are being clicked on by tracking your links. I hope this helps 🙂


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    Hey ?

    How are you my friend?

    So here’s the check sheet:

    check sheet

    So Skill #1 is Effective Advertising.

    You’ve mastered getting lots of hits and getting subscribers. Now you just need to get an understanding of tracking your hits and which sites convert. I see you have PLS. So you can track all your links and hits on there and you can also see what pages are binging in conversions. PLS has almost everything we need to work through all the five skills. The only thing you can’t check is what safelist brought in that subscriber. You actually may be with the IP address and a little work…So either way, let’s start where we are. Here’s the training to track your hits in PLS:

    We now have our main training website open for GDI, PMS and PLS. It includes a forum where our team can post all their questions and we will mentor them and send back answers. Just feel free to get a free account at

    Then enter your password and you can get in. Then go to the forum and post your answers and we’ll get back with you 🙂

    You can also access the basic training area and you can access the PLS training from the “Start Here” area in Basic training. You’ll find a lot of things including all our safelists in the “Mailers” tab and tools are coming next. If you want the first three passwords to access the additional basic training, just let us know.

    I hope this helped. So nice to talk to you again. Let me know how it goes ok!


    in reply to: What’s Crucial Skill #1? #1597

    Here”s our reply from one of our students:

    Yes, I am still interested.
    Teach me the five crucial skills, please

    in reply to: How can I make a “mailers” page like you? #1595

    Here’s the answer:

    So here’s the share code in PLS with a similar version of this: 752201-provensafelists
    Here’s the little training on setting up Share Codes:  

    If you need to set HTML code on your blog, then here’s the training how to set HTML in WordPress: 
    “Hi here is the HTML code to add to your blog. Be sure to click the “Text” button first or if you have the more updated version press the “menu” button on the far right and then “code” editor” and then paste the code in.

    After you paste the code in then press the “Image” button or if you are using newer version – the “menu” again and then “visual editor” this time to get your page back to normal. If you need more help just go to this link on adding HTML code for pics etc. I hope this helps you!

    So you know if you get stuck at any point, I’m here to help you out of it. We can connect on Facebook Messenger anytime and figure out the spots you get stuck at. Ok! 🙂 
    Did this help? 

    PS: Setting up your blog for GDI Team Elite is covered in Step 8 of the Sixteen Steps, if you want to check that out. What step were you on? 

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    in reply to: Should I start promoting now? #1457

    So yes Bradley, start promoting and just use the rotator link I sent you.
    Promoting is the only way you will get subscribers. Everyone wants to get a sale first but forget that building a relationship with people comes first. If you don’t get any subscribers then they won’t get your emails and you won’t be able to respond and connect back with them. Just like how we connected – you see. So yes and let me know how it goes ok Bradley. ??


    in reply to: Should I use a rotator? #1451

    Maddy! How are you doing today? 

    So here is your rotator link we set up for you. If you promote this one page it will rotate all your pages one by one as each person clicks on your link. Go for more than a 1000 hits a week (you can track your hits in PLS). This will help give you a fighting chance of getting subscribers. You can use any PLS email swipe with these pages. Go to “Promote Your Business” Tab / Email Swipes.

    Remember that what you’re looking for is subscribers and then when you get these just let me know so I can send you the script to write them. That way, they will hear from you personally and also from your autoresponder messages. This will increase your chances of hearing from them and making contact. Sales come from “know, like and trust” and that’s how we get sales every day. ok! 🙂

    Don’t forget the training link I sent you also. Learning the Five Crucial Skills is the most important ingredient in all of this.  If you have any questions, just let me know.
     rotator link: 



    in reply to: I saw your magic formula in your emai #1448

    Rey, sure thing!

    Here’s how it works:

    1000 hits equals 1-2 subscribers. We email you these subscribers named and emails and let you know that they opted in. We also email them for you and try to connect with them.

    Out of 5 subscribers only 1 or 2 actually RESPOND back to us.

    Out of every five who RESPOND to us maybe 1-2 join under us.

    Once you build your email list really big (100- 1000) you will have better results.

    But if your not building your list yet (we will show you how to but you have to go through the training or you will NOT know how to set it up correctly and how to succeed).

    go to basic-training

    Password: 16920

    If you’re not building your list and you’re getting less then 1000 hits a week then you may NOT see many results (it takes 5 subscribers to even get 1 response).So 1000 hits only gets 1-2 subscribers and you still need 3 more subscribers to get an average of 1 reply. Do you understand what I’m saying Rey? If you get lucky that’s one thing but luck is not what gets us consistent business.

    So in conclusion you need about 2500 hits to get about 5 subscribers to get 1 reply. And you need on average more then one reply to get a new member.

    So this is why people fail is because they don’t understand the numbers and they get demanding because they don’t see results.

    ✅ Three things if you want to succeed:

    1) Get at least 1000 hits a week (2500 will make things happen faster)

    TAKE THIS OUT ====>>>. and 12,500 hits will get you the exact numbers to get a new member each week)

    2) build your OWN email list. If you don’t know how to do this then you NEED to go through our training so we can teach you:

    go to basic-training

    Password: 16920

    (Do one page at a time until you get to the Advanced Training and then email us after each page you complete – ok ??

    Does that help Rey?


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    in reply to: What do I write to me new subscriber? #1444

    Also Ken, watch out because even though your message is for Edward, you have James name half way through. This will kill your prospects view of you letter and he may think its a script. That’s the “kiss of death” for a prospect if they think that. But prospects love to hear their name so if you carefully go through the script and add it at key points it makes them feel special and appreciated. Just my two cents to help you! 🙂 


    in reply to: Am I promoting the traffic Club? #1443

    Hi Lonnie

    You don’t promote Traffic club at all
    Pages are created to attract sign-ups. People like free stuff and we put free promo codes and free books in the member area
    We create free pages and connect them with personal autoresponder for free
    When people sign up they go to your welcome page and that page is connected with Prosperity Marketing System
    And you build your list for free with our paid autoresponder
    We teach you how to contact your subscribers and we contact them too to join PMS under you.
    When you will have more money to pay monthly for the autoresponder you can transfer all your subscribers in Aweber and connect with them
    I will help you personally with this
    I send you the statistics. You don’t promote in enough sites

    Do you know how to join them and apply promo codes?
    If you need any other help just ask.


    in reply to: how fast to make money Albie? #1441

    Hey Wingham. So nice to meet you! ?

    To be completely honest, at the beginning without having built a list or without understanding advertising it’s actually hard to make income right away. It’s not impossible but harder because you’re not in a good position. We can start to change this but it takes time to learn the skills required and persistence. Everyone wants to tell you that it’s easy – because “easy” sells. Unfortunately it’s not really the truth. Also you have to remember, this is not a job where you clock in out. You have to learn the skills to actually create your own sales. And as I said before these skills take time to learn

    Do you mind me sharing my story with you Wingham? I may have shared it with you before but It still might help you. You can see all the difficulties I had without a mentor:

    In 2012 our school lost funding and I lost my job as a teacher (been a kindergarten teacher for 20 yrs)
    So over the years I was in 40 different business opportunities and never had real success with any of them. Sure I made some money here and there but my biggest problem was consistent online sales. Anyway my online business changed when I came across my seven figure income mentor. My mentor taught me a lot of things but the most important was how vital real communication is with your new prospects and team. Today we have over 104 paying members on our team with over 9 leaders and it keeps growing daily. We make sales every single day and often It’s because of our team and not even our personal efforts anymore. Before I used to have trouble even making a sale maybe once a month.

    Anyway, my business partner Elizabeta (from Macedonia) and I (from Pasadena CA) have had a lot of frustrations for many years working online until we were mentored by a professional and began making consistent income. We also teach these same principles to everyone on our team. We actively promote the Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) together because we found we were making more and more monthly income online then any other program we’ve worked with and now encourage everyone to join us. We promote differently then most people and will share all our methods and best traffic sources with you. By the way, who’s team are you on Wingham?


    in reply to: I’m not having success? #1439

    Hi Joe.
    So nice to meet you!

    Joe with PMS you’re able to create a six figure income from it
    just from promoting PMS itself like Jeff Aman and this
    is not even including the other income streams inside.

    But most of all Joe, the reason moat people are not having success online
    has NOTHING to do with the program they’re promoting.
    It’s because of the lack of skills. Elizabeta and I have over 145 members
    on our team and it’s because of these skills:


    1) Understanding how to get a lot of effective advertising.
    2) Knowing how to build your own capture pages
    3) Getting your own subscribers to your mailing list and building a big list.
    4) Real engaging communication with your list
    5) Understanding funnels and taking your list through your funnels (or to put it in a simple way –
    taking them through your online stores).

    You will see that once you learn these skills that everything will change for you as it did for us.

    Also joining our team allows you to get 442 pages of free promo codes
    and credits and a million other things.
    We also make you five personal special pages with your own name and picture
    that will give you much better results than the generic pages out there.

    In addition we give you 1:1 mentorship through our training to help you
    learn these skills practically.

    Email me after you get through the first page of the training with the details you need to send me for me to make your custom splash pages! I hope this helps Joe.


    in reply to: I got a gold membership in AE Mailer. Do I get PMS bonuses? #1436

    Hi Christina.
    So nice to meet you! ?

    Thanks for your email and letting us know what is happening for you
    and that you want an account with the Prosperity Marketing System (PMS)
    and the Gold upgrade with AE Mailer.
    I can set your account to Gold today but you just need to join under us in PMS.

    If you tried and it didn’t work then it was a problem of the cookies.
    So just use a different BROWSER (Such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc)
    and a different email address and there should be no problems.
    Before you upgrade to “student” for seven free days, check that Elizabeta is your sponsor
    by going to the Members Home Tab / Sponsor to check.

    Then we will give you a Gold membership and 1;1 training how to learn the skills to earn consistently online.
    We will also make five personal splash pages with your name and picture that will
    do a lot better then the generic pages out there. ?

    How does that sound Christina?


    in reply to: What do I write to me new subscriber? #1433

    Ken, I got it!

    So it’s a fine message but the only problem is it’s a little long and sounds like an autoresponder message. You want it to sound more personal and short. My suggestion is to just stick to the script (or change it only slightly) as I’ve helped bring in over 100 members with it.

    Also put your final greeting toward the end but the question at the very end.

    Communication with your list is the fourth skill and it’s not as easy as it sounds haha. I typically get one response out of five on average. That’s because a lot of people don’t check there emails or put in an email they don’t use. Over the years I’ve tried a hundred different scripts…but this one I sent you has worked. However, eventually the KEY is to find your own voice replying to emails as you gain experience and send them your own message.

    My suggestion only…


    in reply to: What do we have to qualify for the team in PMS? #1430

    Hello Akon. 🙂

    So you you actually don’t have to do anything to qualify in PMS Akon but if you you want to succeed, I will give you our training and you can go through it and I will coach you and help you.

    I will also make you five personal splash pages to help you succeed also.

    The Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) is only $12 mo. and you earn $10 on each person who joins under you.
    You also get seven free days after you enter your credit card info and become a “student”.
    You can see the compensation plan here: )

    Will you let me know if you join Akon and I will send you the training
    and show you where to find all the thousands of free advertising credits and more.


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