Yes I understand and yes we give the same attention to get you a “student” as we do our own selves. ?

We want you to succeed and to teach you the same skills we know to creating consistency online.
The training and our mentorship will teach you this. In fact that’s why I send you the CC’s to the emails
so you can see what we say and do so you can learn too. ?
Also usually people respond back to us so we usually can get them back.
It’s the cookies that do this and brings them back to thier old sponsor.
Still in spite of this we still almost get a new member every day, so whatever negatives there are
– our system has got the best of them haha.
Thanks for writing them and let me know if you notice a signup ok ??.
I’m expecting Alastair to be placed under you really soon if not already.
But he may need to upgrade to student after that.
Talk soon!

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Albie Derbyshire


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