So here’s how it works:

1000 hits equals 1-2 subscribers. We email you these subscribers named and emails
and let you know that they opted in. We also email them for you and try to connect with them.
Out of 5 subscribers only 1 or 2 actually RESPOND back to us.
Out of every five who RESPOND to us maybe 1-2 join under us.
Once you build your email list really big (100- 1000) you will have better results.
But if your not building your list yet (we will show you how to but you have to go through the training
or you will NOT know how to set it up correctly and how to succeed).
If you’re not building your list and you’re getting less then 1000 hits a week then you may NOT see many results
(it takes 5 subscribers to even get 1 response).So 1000 hits only gets 1-2 subscribers and you still need 3 more subscribers
to get an average of 1 reply. Do you understand what I’m saying (NAME)? If you get lucky that’s one thing but luck
is not what gets us consistent business.
So in conclusion you need about 2500 hits to get about 5 subscribers to get 1 reply.
And you need on average more then one reply to get a new member.
So this is why people fail is because they don’t understand the numbers and
they get demanding because they don’t see results.
? Three things if you want to succeed:
1) Get at least 1000 hits a week (2500 will make things happen faster)
TAKE THIS OUT ====>>>. and 12,500 hits will get you the exact numbers
to get a new member each week)
2) build your OWN email list. If you don’t know how to do this then you NEED
to go through our training so we can teach you:
(Do one page at a time until you get to the Advanced Training and then email us
after each page you complete – ok ????
I hope that helps!

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