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Where are PMS Bonuses?

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So login to the Prosperity Marketing System and go to Training Courses / Elite Traffic Club and you will find all the bonuses and everything there! ?
Also here are the links you were asking from me yesterday:


Other Links:

Lead Lightning
This is one of my members links named (NAME) (they’re really great and hard workers) but you will still be directly on my team and I will be helping you just like I’m helping them!
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About all 3 programs:

Hi! How are you today? ?

Good to get your email. Yes I went through a lot of pain for many years to try to figure out how to succeed online. It was not easy at all. I can see it’s not easy for you either.
 So I’ve noticed that you’re in three programs under Elizabeta and I. You are in GDI, Lead Lightning and the Power Lead System. I think you are a free member in the Prosperity Marketing System so I won’t count that one. I’m not sure how much you can afford each month as far as being in a program however the Power Lead System is the best of the three. We use the power Lead system for everything. It has a great auto responder with single opt in like how the professionals use, it has a great capture page maker – better than anywhere else I know of. And excellent training on working online, as well as a tracker and many many more things. So if you can keep the Power Lead System I can teach you everything from there. It also has a word press blog also.
GDI is a good program too so if you want to keep it and work with it we can help you to earn with that also it has great leverage and allows you to earn many levels down.
The Prosperity Marketing System is also the best for beginners because it allows you to earn $10 On every person under you and it’s only cost $12 a month. So again out of all these three systems the Power Lead System is the best however I’m giving you the information so you can make your own decision.
 If you decide to keep the Power Lead System then I will set it up for you – I just need for you to send me your password and Login. It will take me about an hour to do all the work for you there. But I will set up your auto responder and all of your pages to promote OK. You won’t need Aweber. Just get back with me and let me know what you decide.Whatever program you decide to stay in I will help you learn the five critical skills so you can become successful – if you will work hard and follow our instructions. But again the POWER LEADS SYSTEM is the best and will allow me to teach you the most.

PS: lead lightning is a one time seven dollar program that is connected with a POWER LEADS SYSTEM (PLS). It’s really great and you can earn six dollars over and over again. But it is NOT the Power Leads system itself. The Power Lead System costs $30 a month and allows you to earn with lead lightning. There is also the gold upgrade in PLS ($53) and you can earn from Lead Lightning AND $20 monthly residual payments from each person under you. I hope this helps clear things up. Again, don’t forget to send me your login and password so I can set up your PLS system. Also I sent you instructions how to set up your blog in GDI. I hope you got it.

Talk to you soon!

Video’s on all 3 Programs:


So how many leads do you have to import?
As I’ve mentioned before GDI is not an autoresponder but it does come with email and a hosted website with five subdomains.. Neither is PMS but it does have autoresponder messages attached to it and a way to contact your downline all at once.
PLS is a single opt in autoresponder but because it allows single opt in like what the professional autoresponders use (such as Aweber) you possibly could import leads but these leads would have to be double opt in for PLS to trust them and for you to not get hit with breaking anti spam laws. You can also import them a few at a time without any problems as long as you know that they won’t cause you problems. If you get letters back complaining from people and PLS believes you spammed someone, they will cancel your account. So I’m guessing you have good leads but if your trying import BOUGHT leads from a system then no that won’t work as these leads will give you lots of problems. And honestly bought leads aren’t worth your time anyway. I’ve wasted so much time with these leads over the years without any real results. But a real list that you create WILL give you good results.
Here’s the video about GDI;
Here’s the two video’s about PMS
Here’s the video about the Power Lead System (PLS):
As I’ve mentioned before, it’s the skills you learn, not so much the business you join. If you don’t have the right skills, you can join the best opportunity and still hardly make anything. I’ve done it forty times. But if you learn the five crucial skills and begin to master them, then everything will change for you working online. And we can teach you these things no matter which business you choose from these three. However, just to be honest, if I had to choose only one, I would choose PLS as I literally use it every single day to make unlimited splash pages of every kind you can think of for my team, because of its autoresponder we use for our whole team and because we can teach you every skill the most effectively through it.
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