Ok so here’s a couple of things. The first is that I have a team leader in GDI

that has used completely free traffic and has been able to get around 2500 hits a week on average.
Second, even in GDI you need to get at least 1000 hits to be eligible each week to become
a team leader and get your six.
If you can get 1000 hits then this is enough to begin to get subscribers and if you can get subscribers
then we can help you get members (either in GDI or PMS or both)
By using GDI and building a team I have been able to leverage my weekly hits from 4000 hits a week
to 20,000 hits a week but it’s taken me a couple years to build my team that big to do that. Haha
It is possible to also to help you promote GDI and PMS at the same time and with promoting the SAME link
if you want to join both and build both at the same time. You only need 1000 hits a week total.
I will help you build both teams if that interests you?
Also you can find inside PMS (after you login) the training how to
begin getting Free credits under:
Training Courses / Free Credits
If you need help to understand how to set up an account and advertise
for the first time you can go here:
Also here is a training how to click a lot faster then most people know how to do:
Clicking for Credits Basics

I hope this helps you!


Magic formula:
So on average, 1000 hits equals 1-2 subscribers.
We email you these subscribers named and emails
and let you know that they opted in.
We also help you know what to email them and how to try to connect with them.
Out of 5 subscribers only 1 or 2 actually respond back to us.
Out of every five who respond to us maybe 1-2 join under us.

Once you build your email list really big (100- 1000) you will have better results.

I hope this helps you!


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