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So I’m not sure what the “company” Emails are but TrafficWave had a premade campaign which I used at the beginning but didn’t get a very good response from. I did create my own messages in TrafficWave and got good responses from. I also used the GDI Team Elite messages very successfully from TrafficWave too. However, over the years I believe in two autoresponders the best: Aweber and PLS because of single opt in factor and the higher deliverability rate.

No matter what autoresponder you use, our autoresponder letters are different from almost everyone because of this factor. Let me explain:

With a newbie, they typically are scared of contacting a person and having to interact with them for fear that they might say the wrong thing or that their inexperience will lose the sale. That’s why most every autoresponder message you see out there is written by a professional with links attached so anyone can take them and use them and don’t have to worry about getting the sale.

However, most people to be honest, won’t buy from your link unless they trust you for some reason (and the only way to develop this is to be REALLY professional with amazing graphics and great content and a business that seems on the cutting edge and on the up and up etc) which most people don’t have the time, money or passion to become. Thus most autoresponder emails don’t really do much good to the average person.

However, if you can develop a bit of a relationship with someone, then all this changes. This is the genius of GDI Team Elite. There emails taught me this and my seven figure mentor confirmed it with me. Seeing his emails opened my eyes.

This is what we teach. But effective communication with your list in this case is also critical. That’s why our autoresponder emails are different.

Does that help?